Numerous embalmers from different states are reporting finding many large, sometimes very long, fibrous, rubbery clots in the bodies they embalm. These structures are unlike anything they ever saw before the pandemic/vaxxx. The longest ones can be the length of a human leg, while the thickest can be as thick as a pinky finger.

An accredited lab in Texas analyzed some of them alongside live human blood from an unvaxxxed person. The results showed the clots lacked key elements present in healthy human blood, such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, suggesting that they are formed from something other than blood. Wade Hamilton, a cardiologist who is familiar with clots, says these are not normal postmortem clots and notes that “the spike protein can and does unfold and form … tight string-like bonded structures.

Richard Hirschman, a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Alabama, has been in the trade for more than 20 years. Prior to the pandemic, “we probably would see somewhere between 5 to 10 percent of the bodies that we would embalm [having] blood clots.” Hirschman says now, 50 to 70 percent of the bodies he embalms have clots. “They’re not even dead from COVID. They’re dying of sudden heart attacks, strokes, cancers. It doesn’t seem to matter what these people die of nowadays, so many of them have the same anomalies in their blood.

Hirschman says, “As the summer [of 2021] went on, COVID deaths were on the decline, but these clots were increasing in number. My suspicion is that the vaccine may be the cause of these strange clots. I realize that I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist, but I do know what blood looks like and I am very familiar with the embalming process that I have been doing for two decades. I do not know 100 percent what causes these clots, but I do know from my experience and through speaking with several other embalmers and funeral directors none of us had seen this strange clotting before.

Wallace Hooker, an expert embalmer who lectures nationally and internationally, says he also has seen many of these odd clots. He also says people send him photos almost weekly of what they’re finding. Anna Foster, a licensed funeral director from Missouri, says one of the men she embalmed died of cardiac arrest shortly after his second jab. She pulled long clots out of him and decided she wasn’t going to get the vaxxx herself. “I know before the vaccination, my embalming cases did not have the amount of clotting I see now, and very rarely would you find many with fibrin attached; now, it is at least ten times the amount, if not more,” she said.

The structures have also made embalming more difficult, because they clog the vessels, forcing the embalming to drain the body of blood from multiple rather than a single site. One embalmer said a “normal embalming usually takes around two hours, but now it can take up to four hours.” Larry Mills, a licensed embalmer and funeral director in the state of Alabama, says, “These clots are very rubbery feeling and very long as they exit the veins that we use during the embalming procedure. They really appear to be like earthworms. I have never seen this in my career until now.”

Sadly, but not surprisingly, funeral directors and embalmers who work for big chains are afraid to speak up. One said anonymously, “They did seemingly start showing up around the middle of 2021 [and] are not something we ever saw prior to last year.” Another set the start date at May of 2021 when “the embalming process became more difficult. The normal draining of the blood was almost halted by thick, jelly-like blood. Instead of the blood flowing normally down the table, it was very viscous. So thick, that it would not wash down the table without assistance.” As time passed, she saw more of these “thick, fibrous-like clots” not only in the veins, but also in the arteries.


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  1. Scary stuff. Many people close to me have taken the jab, and I pray that this will not happen to them… but it won’t surprise me if it does.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      One of my girls’ besties suddenly lost her sister. I never heard if they determined a cause, but I’d be unsurprised if she had gotten the jab. Her two little ones have no mom now. But hey, Fauci said they did no “irreparable harm” so I’m sure it’s all good. /sarc

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