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BLM: [3:41] – Twenty-six chapters of BLM is suing leaders for fraud. “Anyone who was watching BLM from the beginning is not surprised by this.” You can’t solve racism by emphasizing racism.

CALIFORNICATION: And you thought you had in-law problems!

CANADA: The following is from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada’s government-funded television and radio broadcaster. – “New research suggests medically assisted dying could result in substantial savings across Canada’s health-care system.

Doctor-assisted death could reduce annual health-care spending across the country by between $34.7 million and $136.8 million, according to a report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Monday.

The savings exceedingly outweigh the estimated $1.5 to $14.8 million in direct costs associated with implementing medically assisted dying.

“’The take-away point is that there may be some upfront costs associated with offering medical assisted dying to Canadians, but there may also be a reduction in spending elsewhere in the system and therefore offering medical assistance in dying to Canadians will not cost the health care system anything extra,’ said Aaron Trachtenberg, an author of the report and a resident in internal medicine at the University of Calgary.”

CHILD SACRIFICE: An abomination to the Lord [17:06] – In 1902, archaeologist Stewart Macalister began excavating at Gezer. He soon realized that he was digging a Canaanite high place where the ancient inhabitants of the city had worshipped their gods. There he unearthed deeply disturbing evidence for “the iniquity of the Amorites,” which corroborated the Canaanite worship practices described in the Bible. See: Gen 15, Deut 12, 1 Kings 11.

EV: High temps are causing a strain on California’s grid, so they’re asking EV drivers not to charge up. Tweeters responded, “Perhaps we should figure out how to fix our electric grid before we outlaw gas cars…just a thought”, “So………this is what they want. Walking? Hitchin’ a Ride?? Moving to a more reasonable state??”, “How are we gone [sic] charge our electric vehicle in 2030 if we can’t even handle a heat wave???” About half of CA’s electricity comes from natural gas power plants, with most of the rest coming from a mix of solar, hydro, nuclear, and wind.


RACISM: CLICK“White liberals, stop ‘helping’ us!”

WOKE: In my lifetime, one group of melanin-enriched Democrats has gone from insisting on Negro to Black to African-American to Person of Color to Black to whatever the heck they’re at now. Meanwhile, they call each other “the N word” with impunity while expecting the rest of us to pretend it’s a bigger sin than breaking the Third Commandment.

GRAMMY NOTES: I love homeschooling! Whatever a kid is interested in, you can use to teach the basic skills s/he needs. Bootz is passionate about dinosaurs. Me, I had to learn to read and write with boring old Dick and Jane.


CLICK – Good man!

CLICK – Bunny ponders the meaning of her existence.

CLICK – Bunny ponders other important philosophical issues.

CLICK – Awesomeness!

CLICK – Husky is adopted. No, Mommy!


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  1. “New research suggests medically assisted dying could result in substantial savings across Canada’s health-care system.”

    Seriously? They needed “new research” to tell them that? Hasn’t everyone always known that you can save money by offing people who are costing money? Any day now I expect to see “New research suggests that lining up recipients of public assistance against the wall and mowing them down could result in substantial savings to state and local welfare agencies…”

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