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APPROVAL: This survey was done before Biden did his Hitler impression on prime time television. It’ll be interesting to see what the after polls look like.

END TIMES PROPHECY: A message to the stigmatist, Luz de Maria, from the Blessed Virgin Mary on October 7, 2016 – “Children, you are deceived, seriously deceived by large global organizations that were created to assist you. … In Global Organizations, the instruction exists to exterminate much of the world’s population. … The unified thought … is to condition you to being conformed to the creation of a single government which will rule the world under a single currency and the establishment of a single religion. This single religion will eliminate the religion that My Son established. The Eucharist will be prohibited, devotion to me will be punished by death.”

EV: An electric car broke down right in front of a West Virginia coal mine. Because the vehicle was plastic underneath, there was no way to tow it, so a group of miners decided to push it. Chef kisses.

FAUXTUS: [:04] – His latest new word. “God bless you all, and may God prect our troops!” He also assured us that “the biggest reason [inflation] was so high is because … they didn’t have the computer chips to make the automobiles.”

HANNIBAL: [8:00] – I wondered as I watched this, “Is this how we look to God when we first come to Him in all our sinful brokenness?” You can see more of Hannibal’s story the YT link below. As of the latest video, he was still in hospital, but doing well and beginning to be playful even!

MOONBAT: Some blue check*, who allegedly has both an M.D. and a Ph.D, is tweeting about how smaht she is to monitor CO2 levels everywhere she goes. She tweeted a photo of her CO2 monitor saying, “After 2.5 hours in a theater, the CO2 level is super high (3355). I wore an N95, as I always do indoors. But many in the audience were not wearing any masks.”

Some folks questioned why she stayed so long, if she’s that freaked out about CO2 levels and crowds of unmasked people.

She replied, “It’s a fair question. I put a lot of faith in my N95. And the monitor helps me know how much risk I’m taking and how hard I should encourage others around me to mask. Eg, I have family members who think I’m over the board since I always mask. Showing them numbers seems to help.

She got some fun answers like, “Do they pat you on the arm and say, ‘That’s nice, dear?’” and “Are you a crazy person?” and “Are you really an M.D.?” Seriously!

I did a little research. Current OSHA Limits for Carbon Dioxide show 5,000 ppm is a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL), while a whopping 30,000 ppm is the Short Term Exposure Limit (STEM). Only at 50,000 ppm does the carbon dioxide become Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH).

Also, a 1994 study showed that wearing an N95 increases CO2 inhalation by approximately seven times! So, going back to Moonbat’s self-congratulatory tweet, the N05 increased her personal CO2 exposure to 23,485 ppm. Yet she sat there, appalled that the other people in the theater were not masked!

*A Twitter blue check supposedly means they’ve ascertained that the account belongs to the person named.

St. PIO da PIETRELCINA: A number of British and American pilots witnessed Padre Pio flying in the air and preventing their bombs from hitting San Giovanni Rotondo, where the priest lived.

VAXXX: The CDC surveyed 13,000 children ages 6 mos to 2 years who received Pfizer or Moderna jabs this summer. More than 55% had a systemic reaction following the first dose; nearly 60% did after the second. The most common systemic reactions were fatigue, fever, irritability, and crying; however, parents of more than 6% of the children in the study said their child was unable to perform normal activities after the second dose.

Dr. Meryl Nass from Children’s Health Defense says the CDC doesn’t consider these numbers to be important, because they assume the reactions go away after a few days, leaving the children perfectly well. But they don’t actually know that, because they aren’t looking. “Those reactions may in fact may be harbingers of more serious reactions, but nobody to my knowledge has published anything looking at whether these acute local or systemic reactions are indicators of a later problem.

GRAMMY NOTES: [7’27] – Bootz is so excited about his new math curriculum! He’s very bummed that Labor Day meant shipping was delayed. This Grammy’s heart is burning with joy. ❤


CLICK – I love watching Bunny think! It took me a minute to realize she wasn’t looking at herself, but at her “mom”, who I think waved to her, because she pushed “See Mom Paw.” 🙂


CLICK – ROFLL so true. One time when my grands were visiting, I had a doctor’s appointment. I can’t drive anymore and Dearest was busy, so Mama Buzz (and the kids of course) took me. When the nurse took my BP, it was sky high. She cocked an eyebrow and I just sighed and said, “Grandkids.” Ah. “We’ll try again at the end of the appointment.” LOL


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  1. freedom1781

    In 2017 my mom snapped a photo of a gray figure walking among the clouds over her house. She recently showed me that photo, which gave me chills.

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    • I sure get that. It’s like the veil is getting thinner all the time. Have you and hub made it to the York River Oyster Co in Gloucester yet? They managed to start up during the lock-downs and are doing really well. Best food and cocktails (and view) on either peninsula. We’ve been hitting them whenever we can afford it. We should all go some time.

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      • freedom1781

        We haven’t, yet. We went there about 20 years ago when it had a different name and different owners, but same gorgeous view. One of our favorite restaurants in Gloucester, Wild Horse Cafe, closed down without notice to its patrons. The word around town is that the owner and chef had a falling out. Such a shame. They had good food — the fish tacos were my favorite — and the prices were reasonable, portions large. We haven’t tried The Office, yet. There’s also a new raw bar beside Lighthouse Church which looks interesting. If you visit the town of West Point, The Blue Crab at West Point, located on Main Street, is an awesome restaurant. We went there on Labor Day. Daughter had the blackened tuna sandwich, hubby had the crab cake sandwich and I ate the best fried cod sandwich I’ve ever had. We’ll definitely go back there. You could definitely spend the whole day there in that little town, lots of cute shops.

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  2. Your story about Bootz and math made me laugh. My first two kids loved math, but the third hated it. My son deduced that it was because it hadn’t been presented to her in the proper way, and he was determined that child #4 not suffer the same fate. To that end, when his little sister was 5 years old he talked me into buying an expensive newfangled math program for her. While waiting for it to arrive, he tried valiantly to get her excited about math. One day he was delivering the sales pitch, and he told her that math was going to be “fun fun fun!” … to which his little sister replied, “Till her daddy takes the T-Bird away.”

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