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END TIMES PROPHECY: [7:13] – Stigmatist Luz de Maria reports that, on Aug 28, 2022, St. Michael the Archangel gave her this message – “The designs of God are being fulfilled little by little, while various revelations will be fulfilled at the speed of lightning. … Pray the holy rosary. … Do not despair, People of God, keep your faith firm and immovable. You are being tested. Calm your minds, help one another and you will not be deceived. Do not fear; my legions are fighting with a weapon faced with which the devil becomes enraged; it is the weapon of love. I will defend you and fight for you by Divine Order. Without fear, increase your Faith.”

CHICOMS: The Epoch Times has two disturbing stories of tyranny today. On Aug 26, the government imposed yet another total lockdown on the quarter million residents of Panlongcheng, on the outskirts of Wuhan, because … get this … they detected asymptomatic cases of the ‘rona. The story (link below) is heartbreaking. And a peek into what lies ahead for those who refuse the Mark.

The second story is about how Chinese authorities use so called “mental hospitals” to punish political dissidents. People locked in these facilities are barred from contact with their families and endure various types of physical and chemical torture.

FBI RAID: On Monday, a judge approved Trump’s request for a special master to oversee the FBI’s review of the materials it seized from his home. The decision comes after the DOJ disclosed that agents seized many personal documents and other items, including articles of clothing, during the raid. The DOJ’s subsequent arguments apparently weren’t very convincing, and now they will be forced to cease their investigation as the process plays out. Lefties are shrieking that this judge needs to be impeached. Of course.

JOBS REPORT: CLICK [:17] to hear KJP say (out loud and on camera), “We have created nearly ten thousand million jobs since Biden took office.

MY SON HUNTER: Trailer [2:22] – Michael Clark of The Epoch Times reviews Robert Davi’s satirical take down of the Biden family. I sometimes wonder if Hunter’s damning laptop and Ashley’s damning diary were made available to the world subconsciously-on-purpose to punish their sick, twisted father.

PROJECT VERITAS: CLICK [2:19] to hear James O’Keefe get threatened with jail for asking questions in a public venue. Commenter: “Could you imagine if this was a white conservative principle saying he would not hire Muslim teachers… it would be on the LSM nonstop 24/7.

CLICK [4:54] to see a second principal outed for discriminatory hiring. “Would you hire a conservative?” “No.” He looks for telltale signs like a candidate who says everyone should be equal and/or colorblind. Those would be automatic no-hire triggers.

ST. TERESA of CALCUTTA: Between Sept. 10, 1946 to Dec. 3, 1947, when Sister Teresa was serving in the Irish order of the Sisters of Loreto in Calcutta, she was visited by Jesus who told her He wanted her to found the Missionaries of Charity.

I want Indian nuns, victims of my love, who would be Mary and Martha, who would be so united to me as to radiate my love on souls. … I want free nuns covered with the poverty of the Cross. I want obedient nuns covered with the obedience of the Cross. I want full-of-love nuns covered with the charity of the Cross. Would you refuse to do this for me? I cannot go alone to the poor people, you carry me with you into them.’”

Following this period of extraordinary joy and consolation, she experienced 50 years of spiritual dryness that ended only with her death. Her spiritual director helped her to understand that this intense pain was just another way that Jesus wanted her to share in the poverty of the poor of Calcutta.

If my darkness and dryness can be a light to some soul let me be the first one to do that. If my life, if my suffering, is going to help souls to be saved, then I will prefer from the creation of the world to the end of time to suffer and die.”

TRUMP: CLICK [3:49] to see the powerful ad he just released.

VAXXX: Our CDC is recommending COVID-19 vaccines for everyone ages 6 months and older. Meanwhile, the UK has actually banned the vaxxx for healthy kids under 12!

GRAMMY NOTES: [8:26] – The video is about Bunny’s language arts curriculum for this year. I’m so excited by the wonderful art in the book and also how they combine reading, art, writing, geography, cooking and I don’t know what else! So fun! The entire Good and Beautiful program is Christ-based. I’m blown away that, while they sell the materials pre-printed, if you can afford it, they make it all available as free downloads for parents who can’t. They also have placement tests so parents can determine what level their kids are ready for.

CLICK [3:29] to see an amazing performance!

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