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ABORTION: Joe Scarborough’s Twitter screed about Christian pro-lifers isn’t worth your time; it boils down to “Jesus didn’t care about abortion.” What is fun are the replies.

This theologically illiterate defense of unlimited abortion on demand should be used to teach logical fallacies.” – David Harsanyi

I must have missed the catechism class where abortion was excepted from the ‘thou shall not murder’ commandment.” – NoLongerPapaP

There were few facts in what you said. Like normal for you.” – Kent Christen

Next you’ll claim Jesus was PRO ADULTERY so you can JUSTIFY you and your wife hooking up!” – Cable News Watch

CATHOLIC: CLICK to see a piece of an all-ages drag show that openly mocks the RCC.

FDA: The drug regulators who allegedly work for us and who helped shove vaxxx mandates on us are refusing to provide the analyses they performed to determine that the ‘rona jabs were allegedly safe. Kinda makes one wonder what they’re hiding.

FLORIDA: A seven-day, multi-agency sex crimes sting operation in central Florida rounded up a pile of drugs plus 160 perps, including a deputy chief of police, a Disney employee, three school teachers, and seven illegals. Altogether, those arrested had 419 previous felonies and 619 previous misdemeanors, involving charges for kidnapping, robbery, and sex offenses. They will be charged with a total of 52 felonies and 216 misdemeanors.

HOME SCHOOL: CLICK [8:24] to see a clip from To Sir With Love. The amount of time we wasted in public school with this crap. It’s no wonder home schooled kids have so much free time!

MIDTERMS: Eric is a tad behind the times with his claim to have the numbers on his side. Everything I looked at showed the two parties going neck and neck.

The latest Gallup Political Affiliation poll shows the parties are even, while the majority are unaffiliated – Democrats 29% vs. Republicans 28% vs. Independents 41%. When the Independents were asked where they lean, 43% said Democrat, while 45% said Republican. That looks to me like a 50-50 split with a whole lot of unknown swing voters who haven’t made up their minds yet.

Real Clear Politics is currently predicting that two Senate seats will shift from D to R. However, in the House, the average of polls shows the same tie the Gallup Political Affiliation poll shows. I wasted a lot of time looking at pollsters who have done generic congressional polls within the past two weeks and who got A or B grades for accuracy in 2020. Then, I eliminated the ones whose current poll results match their biases. It turned out to be a lot of work to get me to the same result RCP already has, which is “The undecideds are going to decide it.”

S&G: CLICK [5:06] to hear Michael Knowles talk about the two elementary school gender handouts, which originated with the Biden administration. At The Safe Zone Project (link below), it specifically says the point is to “break through the binary.

VOTER PARTICIPATION: When Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, and Texas passed laws to rein in election fraud, Democrats called it “voter suppression, pure and simple.” But the actual result has been a significant increase in voter participation.

E.g., 33.4% of voters showed up in 2018 for the last primary in a non-presidential election year; this year, 35.1% showed up. In Iowa, the 2018 primary turn out was 17%; this year it was 22.6%.

Biden went so far as to say the Georgia’s voting law made “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” But May’s primary turnout hit a record high with an astonishing 168% increase over the 2018 primary.

GRAMMY NOTES: Thirty years ago, my pastor did a huge amount of damage to me. Yesterday, I learned he had passed away. I thought I had dealt appropriately with the whole hairball of mess … but, last night, in my prayers, the Lord brought one event to my mind to which I realized I still had a lot of negative emotion attached. I’ve learned many times that, when a sin or trauma has been prayed through correctly, the emotion goes from burning hot to distant memory. So, I asked, “Do I need to forgive this?” No. “Do I need to confess this?” No. “Do I need to offer this up?” Yes! Ah. So I started my usual prayer but was interrupted by, “Give it to him.” Whoa. Okay. So I prayed, “Lord, I offer this emotional trauma for the remission of his sins.” And hoo boy, I instantly felt this ENORMOUS release and also such a loving smile from God. ❤



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