COVID-19 Update: More vaxxx data

A newly published study tracked ‘rona infection and reinfection among 887,193 children, ages 5 to 11, between March 11, 2020, and June 3, 2022. The subjects were organized by vaxxx status and infection/reinfection rates and dates. In the conclusions, the researchers, good little sheep that they are, admitted that while the vaxxx protected for a while, the effect waned, thus, we should totes booster the kiddies.

If you just look at infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, it looks like vaxxxing halves a kid’s chances of catching the ‘rona (for as long as its effective) and greatly reduces the chances of hospitalization.

However, the study’s conclusion ignored the damage the jabs do to natural immunity. By the end of the study, the unvaxxxed who had recovered from the ‘rona and remained unjabbed enjoyed more than 50% protection, while both the previously infected and the never infected who got jabbed were at minus 20%! To me, it looks like the jabs not only erased the natural immunity acquired from recovering from the ‘rona, but also damaged the kids’ immune systems. I mean … look at Chart B below. Doesn’t it look like both groups of jabbed kids were worse off at the end than they were at the beginning?

Now, I’m sure this study pleased Pfizer and its lapdogs at the FDA, but it only looked at efficacy. Parents can hardly do a risk/benefit analysis without seeing the risk side! At the CDC, I found a report about adverse events in 41,232 children (5-11) during the first week following doses 1 and 2. Of these, about 4K sought medical care for symptoms that included fever, vomiting, chest pain, and seizures. Of these 4K, about 12% showed an increase in C-reactive protein (a sign of inflammation) and/or an increase in troponin (a sign of heart damage), 10% ended up in the ICU, and 2 (both with serious co-morbidities) died. If I did the math right, the jabs themselves put kids at ten times more risk than catching the ‘rona did.

Add to this the fact that the CDC report covered only one week following the jab; we’ve all heard stories about kids who died in their sleep or dropped dead during gym class or are now disabled with myocarditis, etc. Now, add to all that the fact that seven to eight percent of the kids who got vaxxxed still caught the ‘rona, and that, of these, 0.007% of them required hospitalization, and that the benefits of the vaxxx wore off within months, leaving the kids with weaker immune systems than they’d had before! How the aitch ee double hockey sticks does anyone justify saying we should jab kids!?!?!

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