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9/11: [9:17] – On this day in 2001, a small group of Muslim extremists murdered thousands of Americans when they flew three airliners into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Thankfully, they failed to fly one into, probably, the White House, and another never got off the ground. On this day in 2022, Democrats marked the anniversary by saying over and over and over that anyone who supports Donald Trump is a bigger threat to our nation than Muslim extremists.

LIFE: This sweet little charm ($5.95) is the approximate size and shape of an unborn baby during the tenth week of pregnancy. It is about 1” long, made out of rubber, and has a metal clasp to hook it to keychains, backpacks, etc.

PROJECT VERITAS: [4:02] – A middle school English teacher encourages her students to engage in violent protest.

SADS: [1:00] – CLICK [16:53]. Or mega tinfoil hat? You decide. I’m sticking to Jesus.

TRANS: [3:15] – Click the Epoch Times link below to read a Texas detransitioner talk about the lies he was told and the irreversible damage he allowed medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies to inflict on his body. He is one of six detransitioners to be featured in the documentary above, which is set to premiere in mid-November.

VAXXX: The CDC recently published data concerning 1,228 non-pregnant adults who were hospitalized with BA.5 (Omicron) COVID between Mar 20 and May 31, 2022. Inexplicably, the CDC concludes from this data that “All adults should stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccination.”

VFAUXTUS: CLICK to hear yet another flaming lie from Kammie. And then there’s KJP @ Yikes. And, on a lighter note (except for the part where she’s a heartbeat from the Oval),



CLICK – 2 of my girls deployed, one of them twice.

CLICK – 9/11 footage I’ve never seen before.

CLICK – cuz you need a smile.

CLICK – yeah … that’s how it’s done!

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