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BORDER: Oh phew! I thought we were being invaded by millions of illegals, but nope. VFAUXTUS assures us that our borders are SECURE! CLICK [1:28]. I’m struck by how awful she looks … saggy skin, circles under her eyes, low energy.

CLIMATE: CLICK [2:26] to hear astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, the founder of Weather Action, say that climate is driven by the sun and the moon, not man. Listen to the jerknalist sputter at such heresy! LOL

GERMANY: The Synodal Way is a gathering of 230 Germans to talk about what they see as the most pressing issues facing the Catholic Church in Germany. They include every German bishop, plus representatives from religious orders, lay movements, dioceses and parishes, universities, consultants from other churches and experts in the fields being discussed.

One of the documents they’ve produced demands that the Roman Catholic Church reverse her traditional teaching on homosexual acts to assert they are “not a sin that separates from God, and it is not to be judged as intrinsically evil.” Another calls on Pope Francis to allow females to be ordained to the RCC priesthood.

HOCHUL: [pron. HOH-kull] – Digital Gadgets raked in $637 million of NY taxpayers’ money for ‘rona test kits that sold for half that much elsewhere. The CEO of Digital Gadgets and his family members donated $300,000 to NY Gov. Hochul’s campaign, including $70,000 right before Hochul sealed the COVID test kit deal. IOW, they invested $300K and got back $318 Million! Hochul says she doesn’t know anything about it. State Republican Party Chair Nick Langworthy says he plans to file a Freedom of Information Act request to look into that claim.

INSURRECTION: Democrat congressman Vicente Gonzalez has joined Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and a host of others in saying Mayra Flores stole her 34th Texas Congressional District seat. Democrats have declared that anyone who questions the results of an election is a filthy traitor … unless it’s about a Democrat who lost to a Republican, then you’re just being totes patriotic!

REAL MEN: I encourage you to click and read this awesome true story!

SATANIC POSSESSION: Good information here from an experienced exorcist. [4:29] – Father Ripperger holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in both Theology and Philosophy, as well as a Doctorate in Philosophy. (That’s five degrees, in case you lost track!)

VAXXX: Nearly a million children in America have been Moderna/Pfizer jabbed while the CDC monitored the results.

About half of babies and toddlers experienced systemic reactions – i.e., outside the vaccination area. These included things like fever, irritability, crying, and excessive sleepiness. Seven to sixteen percent got sick enough that they couldn’t follow their normal routine and/or their parents sought medical intervention for them.

The head of the CDC’s vaccine safety team says there’s no cause for concern, which seems odd given that the COVID vaccines seem to cause 15 times more adverse reactions than any other routine pediatric immunization.

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