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1A: CLICK [2:40] to hear an arrogant liberal college student get schooled on the First Amendment by a cop who I suspect was biting his tongue, trying not to laugh.

CDC: Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has publicly admitted the CDC lied to us about ‘rona vaxxx safety. Monitoring of certain types of adverse event reports were not analyzed at all in 2021, despite the CDC claiming they were totes on top of all that. (And FB continues to assure us that the vaxxxes are rigorously tested. Ha!)

Now, she says, oopsies, they didn’t actually start doing it until March 25, 2022, more than a year after the vaxxx was rolled out to the general public. And now that they’ve finally done it, they aren’t releasing the information. Hmmm … kinda makes you wonder what they’re hiding.

CLIMATE: Last May, forecasters at NOAA predicted “above-average hurricane activity this year.” Instead, storm activity is half the normal amount. “Seasonal forecasting is still a developing science. While it is typically more right than wrong, predicting specific weather patterns such as hurricanes months in advance is far from an established science,” says Eric Berger at Ars Technica. Hmm … how much less accurate do you suppose even more long term forecasts about climate are likely to be?

DOJ: CLICK [1:59] to hear Tucker report on an illegal subpoena his show has received.

END TIMES: The Dutch city of Haarlem, which lies to the west of Amsterdam (pop. ~160,000) is about to ban advertisements for meat in public spaces. Supposedly, ending meat production is key to solving the “problem” of climate change.

MIDTERMS: A recent survey of 1,000+ likely midterm voters found a lot of resentment against Biden’s vote buying scheme.

MY PILLOW: CLICK [1:31] to hear Tucker report on the FBI raiding Mike Lindell and seizing his cell phone.

NIMBY: Democrat Mayor Lightfoot is such a hypocrite. First, she claimed that Chicago was a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens, then when Texas sent her a few busloads, she said they were being “xenophobic” for not wanting to keep them. THEN, she shuffled the Texas illegals out to a conservative-leaning suburb of Chicago.

RACISM: [11:48] – Michael Knowles talks about how hard it is for libs to support their “systemic racism” narrative, basically because it doesn’t exist. Evidence Numero Uno: There is only ONE word in the English language that we’re not allowed to actually say out loud and it’s the one that would offend People of Color (who use it constantly amongst themselves).

UGANDA: [17:46] – The ‘rona pandemic is totally over in this country where 75% of the population has not had even one dose of vaxxx. Hmm …

VAXXX: A study conducted from December 2020 to December 2021 has confirmed that the ‘rona jabs cause deadly myocarditis in otherwise healthy young people. The study claims to have shown that the risk of heart inflammation from the virus is greater than from the vaxxx, but the Epoch Times noted, “There was no control group of unvaccinated people, the study was limited to the 28 days following vaccination, and the conclusion did not hold for all ages or all of the vaccines. For males under 40, the risk of myocarditis after a second dose of the Moderna vaccine was almost four times higher than the risk of myocarditis after a SARS-CoV2 infection.”

GRAMMY NOTES: From my #2 kid – “Last night we were talking about the beautiful sunset and how amazing God is and her #3 kid says “Mom, God isn’t just amazing. He’s a miracle. People can only paint with their hands and He paints the sky!

Then her #2 interjects “He paints with his mouth.”

Mom asks, “His mouth?

#2 responds, “Yes. He speaks it and it happens!


CLICK … you may need a tissue!

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