Hypocrisy! Part 2

Imagine 50 immigrants show up in your town. Your town decides to help them. Within an hour there is a plan. You go to take them to their temporary housing, but now there are 100. So you call to make sure the plans will work for 100. It’s confirmed. So you go back for the 100, but there are now 150. You decide there’s not much difference between 100 and 150 so you decide to move them all and let others figure out what do. You move all of them and return to find 50 more.

By the time you figure out what to do with them, 50 more arrive. Now the housing is at capacity. So, you come up with a new plan, but wait, there are 50 more. Now you’ve moved those 100 only to return to 50 more. But that housing was full. Now housing is hard to find. By the time you figure it out 50 more have arrived. Then 50 more. Then 50 more. Then 50 more. Then 50 more. 50 more every hour of every day. Welcome to Eagle Pass, TX or Del Rio, TX or Brownsville, TX.

Martha’s Vineyard cheers and supports this. But when 50 show up one time in Martha’s Vineyard, it’s a national emergency and the DOJ needs to investigate and NIMBY and liberal tears about the mistreatment of immigrants while they didn’t care that 50 were killed when they were left locked in a tractor-trailer. That’s your Democratic Party, it’s policies, and it’s hypocrisy.

Trump implemented the remain in Mexico policy for migrants seeking asylum in the US. Instead of the migrants being admitted into the US while they wait years for an asylum hearing, migrants were to remain in Mexico until being formally granted asylum.

This policy served a couple purposes. First it relieved pressure from a constant flood of migrants into the US. Second it allowed the US to conduct background checks on migrants to make sure they aren’t dangerous criminals or terrorists.

Biden fought all the way to SCOTUS to end the remain in Mexico policy, and he was successful. Now migrants are legally admitted to the US, and they are allowed to legally remain in the US. This is a very important fact which I’ll discuss shortly.

Democrats and liberals everywhere fully support Biden’s policy. Anything less than free admittance, and AOC and a bunch of cackling liberals show up to take pictures of them crying about an empty parking lot. The result is that migrants are flooding Biden’s open border. In the first 10 months of FY 2022, Border Patrol in Dem Rio, TX has apprehended 376,000 migrants with an average of 1,774 per day and 74 per hour.

That’s one entry point. Do Democrats do anything to help Del Rio? No, they do nothing. In fact, the only thing they do is oppose any proposals to stem the flow. Anyone that proposes anything is called racist. Democrats block all legislation to provide relief to Texas. 74 per hour every day of every month these past 10 months. Any desire that Del Rio has or had to help migrants is long gone. They have no resources to provide food, shelter, and clothing. And Democrats cheer. They virtue-signal. They declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens, well knowing they are so far removed from the border that they would never have to.

In the last year, Texas, Arizona, and now Florida have sent less than 10,000 migrants to the sanctuary cities of NYC, Washington DC, and Chicago. That’s how many enter Del Rio in 5.6 days or 135 hours. Every 5.6 days. Every 135 hours. Nonstop. We don’t know, because the liberal press doesn’t report any more than the immigrants arriving as Democrats weep and wail, demanding the federal government come in and deal with what Del Rio deals with every 5.6 days.

CLICK https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1570586067585187840 [9:29] to hear Tucker roast Dems for bitching about how outrageous it is for a GOP governor to send to Martha’s Vineyard the number of migrants that enter Del Rio every 40 minutes 30 seconds. Hypocrites.

Now, liberals in their never-ending desire to dehumanize conservatives have taken to comparing Abbott and DeSantis to Hitler for loading up migrants against their will and sending them to places with false promises. They demand Abbott & DeSantis be prosecuted under 8 USC 1324.

However, once again their ignorance is marked. Here is the pertinent subsection under which Dems demand prosecution for transporting illegal aliens. I’ll draw your attention to the definition of who it is illegal to transport. It’s illegal to transport an alien who “come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law.

Remember earlier in the thread when I mentioned that Biden has allowed them to legally enter the US and remain. This is why that is important to understand. This statute does not proscribe transporting these migrants, no matter how much Dems want that to be true.

Let’s go back to Martha’s Vineyard. What did they do with the 50 migrants? They called in the National Guard to load the migrants up and move them to a military base. Are Dems demanding the prosecution of whoever is responsible for that? Of course not b/c they are hypocrites.

CLICK https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1570585089272053761 [9:59] to hear Tucker hilariously cheer for Martha’s Vineyard finally getting some much needed diversity.

Dems are also demanding investigation into the “wasting” of taxpayer funds to transport migrants to Northeastern liberal meccas. This too demonstrates the marked ignorance of Dems regarding the costs of migrants entering under Biden. Let’s assume a bus from Texas costs the state of Texas $50,000 to transport 50 migrants. That is a pittance compared to public assistance for these migrants, public schooling of the children, and all of the other needs that localities have to provide. 5-10 years of public assistance for these families would cost the state of Texas far more than $50,000 for those 50 individuals.

At the end of the day, Abbott and DeSantis have done more to expose Democrat hypocrisy and ignorance than we’ve seen in the past 50 years.

Martha’s Vineyard proves that all of the virtue-signaling bluster by rich white Dems is just that—bluster. When given the opportunity to care for migrants in their insulated community, they ship the migrants away ASAP. Probably because the migrants didn’t bring leaf blowers. Even worse, the rich white Dems started a GoFundMe to reimburse their community “organizations” that helped migrants. We were told there are no organizations available to care for migrants there. Does that mean they are reimbursing their rich selves?

  • Most of the text above is from two Twitter threads by @HelvidiusPrisc.

GoFundMe: This is for real. And so very heartwarming to see even now … hours after all the illegals were deported from Martha’s Vineyard … self-righteous morons still virtue signaling, I mean donating to help struggling millionaires with their fake “humanitarian crisis.”

The New York Times says the organizer, Sarah Goulet, is a privileged white kid, Ivy League grad, and New York comms exec who donated 6x to Kamala Harris. Her wedding on Martha’s Vineyard was at her family’s $1.6 million+ home that sits near a private association beach.

The GoFundMe donations are going to Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation, which has assets under management of $14 million+. MVCF is also seeking money via a Migrant Relief Fund since residents are “concerned about the well being of the migrants…on our Island.” Wait … shouldn’t that read “who are no longer on our Island”?

UPDATE: Since the Martha’s Vineyard migrants were sent to Cape Cod, the island’s GoFundMe is STILL taking donations for “building up a reserve to assist situations like this in the future, rather than directly helping this group of migrants and their situation.”

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