The Dark Side

Hayward’s tweet thread continues:

If giving a handful of people bus or plane rides to sanctuary cities finally shames our elites into doing their jobs and securing the border, the net gain to human health and safety on both sides of that border will be worthy of a Nobel Prize.

I know you open-borders loons try very, very hard not to think about how people are actually getting across the border, and what the gangsters who run human smuggling operations do to them, but reality doesn’t go away because you refuse to believe in it.

As the caterwauling of incompetent blue-state governments proves, reduced to quivering lumps of impotent hatred by the number of migrants border states absorb every hour of every day, the human cost on this side of the border is also far higher than Open Borders pretends.

How can anyone pretend to have any sort of moral superiority when they support a lawless “system” that lures millions of people into risking their lives, the lives of their children, and what little money they have – just for a chance to play what amounts to a game?

Rape and indenture, outright slavery, murderous gang operatives smuggled across the border, killer drugs – none of THAT bothers you in the slightest, not one tiny little bit, but you’ll melt down over a handful of people taking a plane to Martha’s Vineyard?

And before you try sputtering that of COURSE you have a problem with cartels abusing migrants or people dying in the desert, just save your spittle. No, you don’t, because you never said a damn word about it before – and even now, you won’t DO anything about it.

Even now, you’re trying to STOP the only people who actually are trying to end that rolling humanitarian catastrophe by securing the border. You’re impeding the only effort that has a snowball’s chance in hell of making a difference. You’re protecting the cartels’ business model.

And please, spare us your Deep Thoughts about whether moving migrants around the country is somehow “illegal” or “immoral.” Joe Biden does it every day, and if you keep pushing this idiotic talking point, you’ll be drowned in the sea of receipts to prove it.

The entire point of “sanctuary cities,” the bluff a few brave governors are calling, is nothing less than open defiance of the rule of law. The whole point was for a few elites to spit in the face of law, subvert democracy, and nullify the will of the vast majority of the people.

There is a vast difference between a corrupt, lawless, crime-infested, physically dangerous open borders charade, and even the most generous of rational immigration and asylum systems. Only the most scurrilous liar would attempt to conflate them.

Secure the border, shut down the cartel operations, switch off the magnets that draw millions into dangerous schemes to break our laws – and then you may begin the far more difficult and HONEST work of convincing the American people to approve high levels of immigration.

Until then, your attempts to claim the ethical high ground are beneath contempt. You support a system that kills and abuses countless people, both foreigners and citizens. You don’t give a damn about any migrant who isn’t in front of a camera, embarrassing a Democrat.

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