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CATHOLIC: A recent statement by Pope Francis says that faith alone is sufficient for someone to worthily receive the Eucharist. This view was condemned by the Council of Trent as heretical. The proclamations of an ecumenical council like Trent trump an Apostolic Letter like what Francis spewed.

The heresy is bad enough, but the pontiff also went and issued his letter on June 29, 2022, the same damn day he cheerfully gave Holy Eucharist to the unrepentant CINO, Nancy Pelosi, champion of baby slaughter and sexual perversion. It really bugs me how often this man feels compelled to poke his fingers into the eyes of devout, conservative Catholics. May God have mercy on his soul.

FBI: Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade was leaked, more than 20 Catholic churches and Crisis Pregnancy Centers have been attacked by pro-aborts. The FBI has yet to make a single arrest.

ILLINOIS: When I first saw this headline, I thought it was Babylon Bee. But no. Gov. Pritzker seriously issued an emergency disaster proclamation and sent 75 members of the state National Guard because Texas sent a few hundred illegals to his state.

MONTANA: The Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services (MPHHS) has formally adopted a rule to permit only biological sex at birth to be recorded on official birth records.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: The 2021 annual report shows that, while the number of patients went down by 10%, the number of abortions went up by 8.5%, reaching a record high of 383,460 (41% of all U.S. abortions).

Nearly all other services PP provides were down from the previous year, including breast care (-55%), well-woman tests (-39%), cancer screenings (-30%), STI tests (-17.4%), and pregnancy tests (-14%).

Despite having been caught trafficking aborted baby parts, covering up sex abuse of minors, encouraging sex-selective abortions, and accepting money to kill Black babies, they remain open and funded to the tune of $1.7 million per day from taxpayers. Total net assets (2021) = $2.5 billion.

PLURALISM: Pope Francis signed a document produced by the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Kazakhstan that appears to have contained a statement contrary to Catholic teaching. In a very peculiar move, the paragraph was altered after it was publicized and signed by the pontiff. The revision brings it more in line with RCC doctrine.

Paragraph 10 of the document originally read: “We note that pluralism and differences in religion, skin color, gender, race and language are expressions of the wisdom of God’s will in creation. Thus any incident of coercion to a particular religion and religious doctrine is unacceptable.” (Emphasis in original)

Paragraph 10 now says: “We note that pluralism in terms of differences in skin color, gender, race, language and culture are expressions of the wisdom of God in creation. Religious diversity is permitted by God and, therefore, any coercion to a particular religion and religious doctrine is unacceptable.” (Emphasis in original)

VAXXX: Patients were thrown off transplant lists for refusing to get the jab. I remember one who was tossed off because a relative refused it! Now, transplant recipients who got the damn poison are rejecting their new organs.

GRAMMY NOTES: Homeschool Mamas teaching morning class in jammies be like, “What’s a drop off line?


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  1. More homeschool mama notes: My daughter sent me this picture of a page from my grandson’s workbook. Made my day!

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