La Salette and the Birth of the Anti-Christ

On September 19, 1846, the Blessed Mother appeared to Mélanie (15 yo) and Maximin (11 yo) who were tending their masters’ cows in the Alps of southeastern France. In 1851, the Bishop of Grenoble judged the apparition and the messages our Lady imparted to be truthful and certain. In 1852, Pope Piux IX approved visits to the Church of Our Lady of La Salette and, in 1879, elevated it to the status of a minor basilica.

The messages contain numerous, catastrophic predictions for the Roman Catholic Church and for the world, particularly France. Some of the predictions have come true, others appear to be happening now, while the rest point to perhaps the very near future.

The only point within the messages that I want to talk about today is what Our Lady said about the birth of the Anti-Christ: “At the end, a hell will reign on earth. This will be when the Anti-Christ will be born from a nun. … The time is not far off. Twice 50 years will not pass.”

IOW, the birth of the Anti-Christ occurred before September 19, 1946, during a time when “a hell” reigned on earth. My guess is that he was born in August of 1945, when the only atomic weapons to be deployed against civilian targets were dropped on Japan. If this is correct, he is 77 years old now.

Source: Revelations: The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Xavier Reyes-Ayral. The French author has studied Marian apparitions for many years. He is a fourth degree Knight of Columbus.


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