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BORDER: FAA 2021 flight records demonstrate that the Biden administration has been flying hundreds of thousands of illegals around the country, sometimes late at night and often without any notice to the communities they were getting dumped on. This same administration now says that Gov. DeSantis and Gov. Abbott are “human traffickers” for doing the exact same thing, just on a much smaller scale.

COVID-19: Dear Leader hath declareth, “The pandemic is over!” Mandate-happy Dems are annoyed.

DENVER: The City Council has voted to dedicate $2 million toward giving more than 140 homeless people up to $1,000 in cash per month for up to one year. Part of the point is to get them to move out of homeless shelters and free up the space for other homeless people. Supposedly, they’re going to evaluate “housing outcomes, utilization of shelter and other homeless services, improvements in psychological health and substance use” for those who opt in.

FATHERS: CLICK [2:59] to watch the embedded video of a Good Dad watching out for his daughter.

MARTHA’S VINEYARD: CNN reported, apparently in all seriousness, that the 48 illegals who “accidentally” visited Martha’s Vineyard for all of 44 hours “enriched” the community. I’m sure that the only reason the community loudly demanded the military get the invaders off the island at the earliest possible moment is that they felt unworthy of such riches.

NIMBY: When 48 illegals arrived on Martha’s Vineyard, a spokesman said they couldn’t stay, because there were no jobs for them. However, local businesses have more than 50 job listings for positions such as laborers, custodians, landscapers, bakers, cooks, dishwashers, technicians, library assistant, and retail. One even specifies “bilingual preferred.”

VAXXX: The courts are increasingly siding with non-vaxxxers.


CLICK – Watch to the end ROFL!

CLICK – You might need a tissue.

CLICK – Hang on to that tissue.

CLICK – Yeah, it’s getting soggy.

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