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BORDER: Drug cartels are taking full advantage of the Dems’ border crisis. While Border Patrol is fully occupied with the swarms of illegals, the cartels smuggle untold amounts of addictive substances into our country. Their latest plan is to target young Americans with candy-colored and highly lethal Fentanyl pills.

DOJ: Mark Houck is the latest victim in a string of Department of Justice-sponsored SWAT raids and arrests of the Dem’s political enemies. Houck faces felony charges for allegedly violating the FACE Act. If you want to donate to his legal fund, go to

ELITISM: BHO took a break from haranguing us about climate change to fly to Los Angeles and drive a gas-guzzling SUV to have dinner with his daughters. While they were in the swanky restaurant (where sushi rolls can cost as much as $20 each), the Secret Service agents kept his SUV parked in the handicapped spot out front for two hours.

FBI: Special Agent Kyle Seraphin says he was so disturbed by AG Garland’s order to the FBI to target parents at school board meetings that he went to his congresswoman’s office in New Mexico, and made a “protected disclosure.”

Seraphin, who has since been suspended, told former fibbie, Dan Bongino, that most of his colleagues didn’t appreciate the political nature of these cases, and just did “cursory investigations” before shutting them down. Nonetheless, he said, there are many parents out there who have no idea the Bureau has case files on them.

Seraphin also said there are about 40 whistleblowers who have now spoken to Republican members of Congress and a lot of guys have left the FBI because they refused to be a part of this abusive system. But many others have decided to just hang on for a few more years so they can retire and get the Bureau’s generous pension.

He said the first thing FBI agents do when they sit down together is “bitch about the management, complain about the structure, and complain about how it’s not how it used to be.”

FLORIDA: The Western Journal reports that, between October 2018 and July 2022, more than a million new voters registered in the Sunshine State. Roughly half of them registered as Republican. A measly 17,197 registered as Democrat.

ISRAEL: A leaked analysis of Israeli post-vaxxx data shows that the jab definitely causes a wide range of adverse effects. The Israeli Ministry of Health and our CDC quote Pfizer that all side effects are mild and of limited duration; the Israeli data shows these claims to be false. The Israeli Ministry of Health has no comment and the reporter who blew the whistle on this lost her job.

Meanwhile, back in February 2022, the director of the ‘rona ward in Ichilov Hospital (Tel Aviv) said that about three-quarters of the serious cases had received at least three jabs, while the others were unjabbed. “The vaccine has no significance regarding severe illness.” But it causes side effects, so hmmm let me think why they’re still telling people to get it …

LIZ CHENEY: The soon-to-be former Congresswoman has promised to quit the GOP if Trump is nominated for the 2024 prez ticket. The Wyoming GOP has already booted her out of their corner of the party and I’m thinking a whole lot of us are wishing she’d just ‘fess up and admit she sold her soul to the Dems.

PLAN-DEMIC: CLICK [39:03] to hear a talk between Dr. Mike Yeadon and Dr. Paul Alexander about the fraud of the COVID pandemic.

VAXXX: Michel Goldman, 67, a top European immunologist and vaccine expert, believed in the ‘rona vaxxx. After getting his first two ‘rona jabs on his left side, his CT scan showed his lymphoma was asymmetrically distributed, with more on the left side. After getting a booster jab in his right arm, he had another CT scan done; it not only showed the cancer had exploded, but that it was now more prevalent on his right side. He hypothesizes that the booster shot may overcharge helper T Cells so that, rather than fighting cancer, they stimulate its growth.

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