Our Lady of Good Success

Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa (1563-1635) was born to devout Catholic parents of the Spanish nobility. At a young age, she left Spain to help establish a convent of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God in Quito, Ecuador, which was officially founded on January 13, 1577.

In 1582, the Blessed Virgin asked if she would sacrifice herself for the people of the twentieth century. She said yes and, until her death in 1635, she suffered greatly. It is said she also levitated, bilocated to save a soul, multiplied bread, cured the sick, reconciled families, predicted the future, and worked conversions.

The Blessed Mother asked Mother Mariana to arrange to have a statue made showing how she appeared as Our Lady of Good Success. Mother Mariana said she needed measurements, so Our Lady had the nun remove the cord around her waist and use it to measure her height. According to this measurement, the Blessed Virgin is 5’9” tall. This event is pictured in the painting above. The photo below shows the statue, which is still at the convent in Quito.

Mother Mariana also received some of the most important visions in the history of the Catholic Church; these visions were approved in 1611 by the local bishop, when the statue of Our Lady of Good Success was formally blessed. On the February 22, 1991, the statue received a Papal Coronation. Below are some of the warnings she received about our times.

Note: Freemasonry would not be founded until more than a century after this vision.

January 21, 1610: “From the end of the 19th century and from shortly after the middle of the 20th century, … Satan will reign almost completely by means of the Masonic Sects. They will focus principally on the children. … [Among the assaults on the Church will be the degradation of all the Sacraments. Matrimony, for example.] Freemasonry … [will make] it easy for everyone to live in sin and [procreate] illegitimate children. … The vices of impurity, blasphemy, and sacrilege will dominate.”


February 2, 1634: “At the end of the 19th century and for a large part of the 20th, various heresies will flourish … almost total moral corruption … spirit of impurity. … Secret sects [will] penetrate with great skill into the heart of families and destroy even the children. … Corrupted priests [will] scandalize the church. … Innocence will almost no longer be found in children nor modesty. … Those whom it behooves to speak will fall silent.”

The Pope’s “infallibility will be declared a dogma of Faith by the same Pope chosen to proclaim the dogma of the mystery of my Immaculate Conception. He will be persecuted and imprisoned in the Vatican through the usurpation of the Pontifical States and through the malice, envy, and avarice of an earthly monarch.” Each of these prophecies was fulfilled in the papacy of Blessed Pope Pius IX (1846-1878), pictured in the photo above.

Unhappy times will come wherein those who should fearlessly defend the rights of the Church will instead, blinded despite the light, give their hand to the Church’s enemies and do their bidding. But when [evil] seems triumphant and when authority abuses its power, committing all manner of injustice and oppressing the weak, their ruin shall be near. They will fall and crash to the ground.

In 1906, Mother Mariana’s body was exhumed and found to be incorrupt. In 1986, the Archdiocese of Quito opened her cause for canonization.

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