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2A: As soon as SCOTUS knocked down New York’s ridiculous handgun licensing law, New York lawmakers passed a variation on the theme. SCOTUS ruled that most people have a right to carry a handgun for personal protection.

So my sucky state legislators/governor decided that New Yorkers applying for a handgun license had to not only demonstrate they had “the essential character, temperament, and judgment necessary to be entrusted with a weapon and to use it only in a manner that does not endanger oneself and others,” but also had to turn over a three year list of social media activity so officials could verify their “character and conduct.”

The law also banned concealed carry in such a wide array of places that it virtually meant concealed carry was impossible outside your own home. Anyway, a federal judge just blocked both parts of the law. New York has three days to appeal.

2016 vs. 2020: [11:00] – “When Republican candidates for office claim that the election is stolen or that the winner is illegitimate, it constitutes ‘inciting an insurrection’ and the candidate should know it. But Democratic Party candidates for public elective office are perfectly entitled to claim the election was stolen or that the winner is illegitimate or to make any other outrageous claim they can, it is their right to do so. And it is their absolute right to do so irrespective of whether there’s any evidence to support the claim. Democratic candidates can claim an election was stolen because of Russian collusion without any explanation at all. And that is perfectly okay and is in no way incitement to an insurrection. And somehow, when Democratic candidates public decry an election as ‘stolen’ or ‘illegitimate’, it’s never a ‘big lie.’ You’ve been doing it for years.”

BORDER: During his mayoral campaign, Eric Adams pledged to keep New York City a “sanctuary city” for illegal migrants. That is, a place where the local authorities were forbidden to cooperate with immigration agents in enforcing immigration laws. He said then, “This city has always been a sanctuary city [for those wanting] to come to New York City to pursue the American dream.”

CLICK [:24] to hear him declare a State of Emergency, because a tiny percentage of the nearly two million illegals who have flooded across Biden’s wide open border have been bused to his allegedly welcoming city.

It’s really rich to hear him say, “We have not asked for this. There was never any agreement to take on the job of supporting thousands of asylum seekers.” Yeah, y’all absolutely did … with every vote y’alls cast to put Democrats into Congress.

In peak months, 17,000 illegals have swarmed into Texas every three to four days. When Texas complained, Dems called them RAAACISTS.

CRIME: Police in Philthydelphia are dealing with twice as many carjackings this year as last. CLICK [:33] to see footage of just one, very well armed and organized event.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [1:31] to see a supercut of Slow Joe’s official SPOX.

PAYPAL: If you have an account, empty it! The company issued a new policy by which users agreed that they could fine you $2,500 if they decided you had spread “misinformation.” Since the backlash struck, they have said it was just a boo boo … “an AUP notice [that] went out in error.” Translation: We thought nobody actually read policy updates.

ROSARY COAST TO COAST: At 4:00 pm today, please join us in praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary for the conversion of the United States to faith in God; for respect for life at all stages of development, especially the unborn; for the sanctity of marriage and families based upon God’s creation of man and woman; for upholding constitutionally protected religious freedom; and the return of our nation to God and Holiness.

S&G: A federal judge in Texas has ruled that the federal government can not impose pronouns and unisex bathrooms on employers.

TRANS: The number of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria in the United States has tripled within the past five years.


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  1. Yeah, y’all absolutely did … with every vote y’alls cast…

    Down hyar where lotsa folks say “y’all,” I don’t generally recollect “y’alls” as plural. There’s “y’all’s,” possessive, but y’all can already mean one or more folks; if you really want to be including everybody, it’s the elegant phrase “all o’ y’all.”

    The number of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria in the United States has tripled within the past five years.

    Well, then, it’s sure a good thing that the number of clinics and physicians who can treat them has increased proportionally.


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