Once upon a long time ago, I was in my dentist’s chair, with my mouth hanging open waiting for something to dry, when I thought to use the time to pray for the office and everyone in it. Among the prayers, I did a binding of evil spirits.

Later, when I was at the receptionist’s desk, writing my check, a tech came out from the back and handed the receptionist something. She said to the young woman, “What happened?” Reply, “Nothing. It didn’t work.

I asked what it was about and she showed me the object, which was a silver-colored metal plumb on a chain, similar to the one in the photo above. She said, “Dowsing. You hold it over the patient and ask a question. It swings one way for yes and the other way for no.

I wonder now if I should have taken the opportunity to evangelize, but at the time, I just thought to myself, “Of course it didn’t work. I bound the demon running it.”

I heard a similar story from a Christian minister whose class mates at seminary had gotten into doing séances. He went once and did silent binding as he watched. They wouldn’t let him come again, because nothing happened when he was there.

I encourage you all to memorize a binding prayer; there are a bunch to choose from at the link below. Use it daily. Demons are like germs; they’re always around, so binding them is no more paranoid than flossing or brushing.

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