If a Republican Did It

Republican Jennifer-Ruth Green is running for the U.S. House of Representatives (IN-01) against the incumbent Democrat Frank Mrvan. Indiana’s District 01 sits in the northwest corner of the state, just southeast of Chicago. Not surprisingly, the district has been Democrat since 1930.

Frank J. Mrvan makes Joe Biden look good. Frank J. is the Privileged White son of Democrat Machine politician, Frank E., who sat in the State Senate from 1979 to 1994 and again from 1998 until his retirement in 2022. Before Frank J. landed his first political position (by appointment after somebody resigned), he worked as a licensed mortgage broker and pharmaceutical sales representative.

He held the position of Township Trustee for 15 years, then ran for the district’s House seat in 2020 when the longtime Democrat incumbent retired. Given his total lack of real qualifications, I’m guessing he won by 17 points because he had a D by his name. Every one of the photos in his congressional website banner shows him wearing a face diaper.

Mrvan allegedly earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, but I was unable to find any verification via a search of alumni data bases. I did the search, because his various online biographies were so vague about this alleged credential. Most of them gave no graduation date, while some never mentioned the degree at all. Even if he did actually finish the degree (which I doubt), journalism is a very soft major and he never worked in the field at all.

In a major contrast, Lt. Col. Green is the daughter of a Black Air Force veteran. In 2005, she was graduated from the USAF Academy, one of 15 black female cadets in a class of 919. She began her Air Force career in aviation and then transitioned to serve as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. She deployed to Baghdad in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom where she served as a mission commander for counterintelligence activities. After her deployment, Jennifer-Ruth assumed the role of Deputy Chief for a nuclear command post.

After twelve years of full-time military service, she transitioned to the Indiana Air National Guard and went back to school, earning a master’s degree in ministry in 2013 and a B.S. in aeronautics, aviation, aerospace science and technology in 2021. She is currently enrolled in Air War College, studying strategic leadership across military operations, in joint, interagency, and multinational environments.

Besides being a Certified Flight Instructor and one of fewer than 150 African-American professional female pilots in the country, she founded and serves as the director of MissionAero Pipeline, a non-profit reaching at-risk youth that seeks to transform lives, inspire STEM careers, and set students, as young as 5th grade through college, on a path of learning in the aerospace industry. Her bio is actually longer than this, but you get the picture.

Mrvan was initially coasting on his D in the century-long Democrat stronghold; in May, Real Clear Politics showed him up by 7 points. Just two months later, the Indy Star called the race a toss-up, noting that, in the second quarter, Mrvan had raised just under $357,000, while Green had raised $626,000.

FYI: One of the panel misspoke in calling Green an attorney.

Democrats who aren’t taking massive quantities of Xanax know they’re about to lose control of the House of Representatives and they’re desperate. In typical scumbag Democrat fashion, they crossed a major line by leaking to Politico that Green had been raped while serving in Iraq. Green says she asked Politico not to print the story. They ignored her. What possible justification could exist to print a woman’s experience with sexual assault, garnered via probably stolen personnel files and without her consent? Let us hope this back-fires BIGLY!

Comment from the YouTube video: “I was a sexual assault prevention facilitator in the Air Force and sexual assault records ARE NOT available with the member’s service record. Not even an “unrestricted” report is accessible by anyone except the member’s command, sexual assault response office, medical providers, and law enforcement and the JAG office. THAT IS IT. Someone with access to sealed records leaked these and everyone needs to be held accountable.”

Military ribbons denoting what medals have been awarded are arranged in a specific order of precedence, from top down and left to right. So far as I can tell, these are hers:

  1. Meritorious Service – For outstanding achievement or meritorious non-combat service.
  2. Air Force Commendation – For prolonged acts of heroism or meritorious service.
  3. Air Force Outstanding Unit – For excellence against an armed enemy of the United States.
  4. Air Force Meritorious Unit – For outstanding service in direct support of combat operations.
  5. Air Force Organization Excellence – Pin on top means she got it more than once.
  6. Air Force Good Conduct – Pin on top means she got it more than once.
  7. National Defense Service – Served during armed conflict.
  8. Iraq Campaign – Armed Forces personnel who served during Iraq War.
  9. Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary – Military members who served in the War on Terror while on foreign shores after September 11, 2001.
  10. Global War on Terrorism Service – Military members who served after September 11, 2001 in an authorized anti-terrorism campaign.
  11. Iraq Campaign – Deployed to Iraq between March 19, 2003 and December 31, 2011.
  12. Nuclear Deterrence Operations – Deployed to some aspect of Nuclear Operations.
  13. Air Force Expeditionary w/ Gold FrameAir Force personnel who complete combat deployment.
  14. Air Force Longevity – Denotes years of service.
  15. Air Force Training – Awarded on completion of initial training (boot camp, OTC, etc.).
  16. Maybe National Sojourners – JROTC excellence.

IMHO, anyone who votes for Mr. Democrat Nepotist instead of this incredible woman is an idiot.

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