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CATHOLIC: I can so relate … especially that getting louder part LOL! [1:30] – Laura’s husband, Trent, has had a YouTube channel called The Counsel of Trent since 2006 “where he helps Catholics answer the toughest objections against our faith.” He’s getting close to 5 Million views. He’s also the guy in the car seat sucking on a pacifier. Great way to support your wife’s new channel, Trent!

CLIMATE HOAX: CLICK [2:18] to hear Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh from 1992. Please note Gore’s insistence that the “hole in the ozone” was going to move or had already moved over the United States. Yeah, no. According to NASA, the “hole” never was a hole at all, but a thin spot that occurs over Antarctica from September through early December. The ozone layer protects us from cancer-causing UV rays, so its wellbeing should be of concern to us. But the fact is, it wasn’t and isn’t over a populated continent and its cause has been found and removed and it is getting better.

DELAWARE: Last week, the state’s Supreme Court ruled that universal mail-in voting and same-day registration violate the Delaware Constitution.

FAUXTUS: [:20] – On Friday, Biden kicked off a speech on the economy with “Let me start off with two words — Made in America.” He can’t even blame it on dementia. In 2008, he said the number one problem facing America was a three letter word … J.O.B.S.

FBI: Paul Vaughn was getting his kids ready for school when armed agents banged on the door, screaming, “Open up. FBI.” Vaughn figured the best way to de-escalate was to let them take him away in handcuffs. Like ten others, he has been charged with “conspiracy against rights secured by the FACE Act, and committing FACE Act violations.” (Translation: Standing in front of an abortion clinic.)

Meanwhile, the fibbies are ignoring threats and vandalism against pro-life facilities. Reps. Jim Jordan, R-OH, and Mike Johnson R-LA, are launching a congressional inquiry into the FBI’s use of its enforcement authority to punish Democrat political opponents.

FLORIDA: On Friday, Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo announced that the state’s analysis of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines showed that men aged 18-29 who got the jab suffered an 84% increased risk of cardiac-related death.

JONATHAN CAHN: “The Return of the Gods” [18:26] – This is a must watch and probably a must read. I just downloaded it to my Kindle.

PSA: I just read an article that explained that heat expands metal, closing any pores that would hold food particles and make them hard to remove. So If you heat up your pan before putting oil/food in, it’ll be easier to clean. And because putting cold food into a hot pan will not only warp the pan and spatter hot oil on you, but also cool the metal enough to reduce the pore closing effect, it’s better to use room temperature ingredients.

Also, a reminder or if you don’t already know, pans are a million times easier to clean if you do it while they are still warm from cooking. But if you’re like me, you’re too busy serving and eating to bother, so you can take advantage of the warmth by quickly squirting straight liquid dish detergent into the still warm pan and spreading it around with a damp (but not soaking wet) brush. When you come back to it later, the food will often come off easily. Also, when washing, use hot water for most things, but cold for eggs and oatmeal cuz hot makes them stick even worse.

ROSARY: Our modern word “bead” comes from an Old English word “bede” which meant “prayer.” But the use of beads or knotted ropes as aids to prayer dates to ancient times and is found in religions as diverse as Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, Islam, and Christianity. And while Jews do not use beads, some touch the knots on the tzitzits (knotted tassels) attached to their tallit (prayer shawl) at specific points in their prayers.

TRUMP: In April, Margot Cleveland reported that the DNC/Clinton-funded fake dossier was leaked as a last ditch attempt to delay Trump’s inauguration.

This week, Sean Langille, producer of “Fox News @ Night”, reports that an FBI counterintelligence analyst has told John Durham that the FBI had offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could corroborate the allegations against Donald Trump in the dossier, which he could not do.

TULSI GABBARD: CLICK [1:18] to hear her “I’m leaving the Democratic Party” speech.

VAXXX: Remember all that hype about how non-vaxxxers were being selfish and maybe even killing grandmas! Because getting the jab would stop transmission of the virus? Yeah. Me also.

Well, surprise (not), it turns out they had no idea what the vaxxx would or would not do regarding transmission. It was just a PR lie to sell the product.

GRAMMY NOTES: This piece is about how the Eucharist blasts away the evil and darkness in the world. This angel is assigned as its watch carer, to protect and adore. I made him completely different, because angels are. The sky is painted with granulating water color paints, while the angel is drawn and painted with gouache, colored pencil, and liner pen.

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