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ARIZONA: [5:15] – I wish I could vote for her.

BORDER: [3:23] – Armed illegals swarming across the border … but we can’t call it an invasion?

COVID-19: [3:13] – I’m thinking those thugs in cop uniforms were a whole lot too enthusiastic about their brutality to be claiming now that they didn’t like doing any of it.

END TIMES: PayPal tried to slime the right to fine people $2,500 at its own discretion for publishing “misinformation” (and we’ve seen how the Left defines that). They say they took it out, but I’ve seen at least one commentator suggest the possibility is still buried in their TOS.

NOTE: Go to for a step-by-step guide to closing your PayPal account.

And it won’t stop there. In 2013, the government of Cyprus sucked billions of euros out of private bank accounts with no warning. In 2015, Greece shut down all of its banks and limited daily ATM withdrawals to 60 euros (about $67).

In 2020, Wells Fargo Bank emptied the accounts of the conservative Christian Republican candidate for one of Delaware’s seats in the U.S. Senate, leaving her destitute and homeless. In January of this year, Mike “My Pillow” Lindell’s long-time bank, Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial, closed all of his accounts.

On October 12, JPMorgan Chase Bank shut down Kanye West’s accounts and Bank of America shut down Catturd’s account. The latter tweeted that when asked why, the bank said they didn’t need a reason!

Some preppers have been investing in gold and silver. Me, I’ve been going with food, water, medical supplies, and survival gear.

ENERGY: Saudi Arabia says Biden tried to coerce them into postponing oil production cuts until after the midterm elections. They told him to take a hike. No surprise there; back when he tried to reach them by phone, nobody picked up. Some Republicans are wondering if this isn’t as impeachable an offense as that Ukrainian phone call thing.

FAUXTUS: Oct. 12, 2022 [1:05] – On October 12, 2022, he claimed his son “lost his life in Iraq.” Beau Biden deployed to Iraq from 2008 to 2009, but he died at home in 2015 from brain cancer.

INDIANA: Politico’s suckage is worse than we previously thought. It is actually illegal for the Air Force to release private personnel records like the ones Politico claims were obtained through a FOIA request. On top of which, the Air Force says they have no record of any such request. IOW, somebody with access to Green’s personnel file stole it. Hmm … I seem to remember when the Left lost its tiny little mind over the NY Post publishing details from Hunter Biden’s laptop because it had allegedly been stolen (even though it wasn’t).

ISRAEL: [9:32] – Violence erupts in Judea and Samaria as Vladimir Putin meets with Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestine.

POLICE STATE: This s**t is getting more real every day. On October 7, 2022, FAUXTUS issued “Executive Order on Enhancing Safeguards for United Signals Intelligence Activities.” It allows the government to spy on American citizens for broadly defined reasons including understanding “public health risks,” “political instability,” and the “threat” of climate change. There’s a bunch of blahblah in there about “reasonable assessment” and “rigorous oversight” as “safeguards”, but we’ve already seen how well any of that crap has protected Trump-supporters, Pro-Life activists, and no-vaxxxers.

THE NETHERLANDS: [8:45] – Government theft in the service of promoting the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse.

UNITED METHODISTS: On October 2, Allendale United Methodist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, allowed a drag queen named Isaac Simmons to preach during its Sunday service and join the ministers at the altar while dressed as a demon.

His message included, “We are here to … deconstruct and to reimagine what church can be, who church can be for, and how church can feel together. … [Church] can be a place where all have equal and equitable access not just to the pulpit itself, to the sanctuary, but to God themself, and all that it represents within the community.”

Themself? It?

VFAUXTUS: [2:05] – I’m not sure why these people are laughing.


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  1. Random thought: what if The Signs have been misinterpreted, and it’s not really nearly the End Times, it’s just the debbil atwerk as he’s been since forever, but now the Internet makes us more aware of every cruelty anywhere. (OTOH, I have never been more conscious of the furious threshing.)

    So, that random ramble aside, I thought you might be amused, by which I mean appalled, at this, if you haven’t seen it before. Young grasshopper, become the paddle!

    Dishes Full of Brain Cells Teach Themselves to Play Pong
    The mini-brains, some of them grown from human stem cells and others from cells of mouse embryos, got the hang of a simplified version of the game in around five minutes…
    “When they are in the game, they believe they are the paddle.”

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Is it just me or brain cells playing Pong just super creepy?! Have you read That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis?

      As for the End Times signs … I dunno if you were a regular reader way way back when I did a deep dive into them. There are quite a few! Some of the most compelling to me are the return of Israel, which NOBODY thought would happen for real. Then, there is “the Gospel will be preached to all nations”, which has also happened. Then there’s the thing in Revelation about the entire world watching the dead bodies of the two prophets, which is absolutely possible now with satellites carrying a-v signals anywhere and everywhere. And now we’ve had a global plague. The last time (1917 flu), the above signs had not been fulfilled yet. Now they have.

      Personally, I’d rather die wrong than be unprepared when He appears after all He’s done to warn us.