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ABORTION: Pro-aborts have vandalized another Catholic Church. Vandals spray-painted the Church of the Resurrection’s sidewalk, front doors, and parish sign in Lansing, Michigan, with hateful messages directed at the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade.

CLICK [2:16] to see security camera footage. Many of the messages were violent threats: “Death to Christian nationalism”, “is overturning Roe worth your life or your democracy?” and “kill all Christian nationalists.”

The sign outside Our Lady of the Resurrection, now clean of the graffiti, has a new message displayed on its electric screen: “To whomever vandalized our church: We forgive you and we are praying for you.

BANKING: JP Morgan Chase and Co. abruptly cut ties with a long-time customer and faith-based nonprofit National Committee for Religious Freedom (NCRF). The bank gave no reason, but did offer to allow NCRF to reopen the account provided they turn over their donor list, name the political candidates they support, and give a full explanation of the criteria by which they choose such candidates.

The current chairman of NCRF is Sam Brownback who represented Kansas in Congress from 1995–96 (House) and 1996–2011 (Senate). From 2011-2018, he served as the governor of Kansas, then was appointed the United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom by President Trump, where he served from 2018 to 2021.

Brownback noted that he has lately communicated with dozens of groups with similar aims as the NCRF and “way too many … have been canceled by their providers.” His organization plans to appeal to state attorneys general to get involved.

COVID-19: Researchers at Tel Aviv University report they have found two antibodies that are so effective at neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 — and all of its variants — that they believe they could serve as an effective substitute for vaccines. The antibodies — TAU-1109 and TAU-2310 — bind to a different area of the spike protein than other antibodies researchers have tried, one that doesn’t undergo many mutations.

DANCHENKO: On Oct. 13, Charles Dolan – a longtime associate of the Clinton family – testified at the trial of Igor Danchenko, who faces charges of lying to FBI agents. Danchenko told the feds he had not communicated with Dolan about any of the allegations in the much-debunked, Clinton-funded, anti-Trump “Steele dossier.” But Dolan testified that Danchenko actually used him as a source for one of the allegations AND that what he told Danchenko was a lie.

DEPOPULATION: One of the stated objectives of the people who have been pushing the ‘rona jab is to reduce the global population to what they consider to be sustainable levels. It appears the jab is doing the job for them. In the UK, live births have dropped by 15% over pre-pandemic levels, while stillbirths have increased by 10%. Meanwhile, excess mortality in the UK is up by 10-15%. It is 94% likely that these outcomes are due to the ‘rona vaxxx, while only 0.5% likely they are due to random chance. N.b., because of their nationalized health care system, the UK data is unusually complete and compelling. It is also being verified by other countries.

ECONOMY: The most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 8.2%, which was higher than expected.

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Weber Shandwick is a massive PR firm that has represented Pfizer for decades. Weber Shandwick has long had employees embedded in the section of the CDC that implements vaccine programs. In 2020, the CDC awarded Weber Shandwick a $50 million contract to pimp the flu vaccine. In 2021, Pfizer raked in roughly $81 billion, most of it from the COVID-19 shots that the CDC recommended.

HUMAN CHALLENGE: UK researchers did a human challenge experiment on 34 healthy young (18-30 yo) adults who were deliberately inoculated intranasally with the ‘rona, then kept in a high containment environment with careful medical supervision. Nineteen became infected; 16 suffered mild symptoms, while the other three had no symptoms. The immune systems of the remaining 15 subjects successfully killed off the virus before it could take hold, so they never had positive tests. Sadly, I didn’t see a word about the basic blood panels (e.g., vitamin D and zinc levels) which could have illuminated why those 15 had more robust immune systems than the other 19.

TWITTER: Kinda looks like Elon’s got a point.

VAXXX: Israeli health data shows that ‘rona patients who had recovered from the virus were forty times less likely to become infected again then those who had been jabbed.

And a new study funded by Moderna has found that Moderna’s COVID shots increase the likelihood of infection over time. This finding has been reported by other studies, including one recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots are doing a wonderful unit on safety.

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