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BORDER: [8:38] – FAUXTUS reinstates “Stay in Mexico” but only for people from Venezuela. Liberal Hivemind has an interesting take.

FAUXTUS: MUST WATCH [3:07]. It’s brilliant, but IMO not at all funny. This man has his finger on the nuclear button.

After winning the 2020 special U.S. senatorial election over Kelly Loeffler, Democrat Raphael Warnock’s 2021 income jumped to half a million buckaroos. Despite the fact that he would now be in D.C. much of the time and also receiving his new $164,816 U.S. Senate salary, his church inexplicably decided that he should continue to receive his full pastoral salary ($120,000) and housing allowance ($7,417). He also used his new-found fame to earn $5,750 in speaking fees and get an advance of $243,750 for his memoir, A Way Out of No Way.

In November, Warnock has to defend his barely-warm senate seat against Republican challenger and former NFL star Herschel Walker. Real Clear Politics currently shows Warnock up by 3.3 points. But that may change if the following story gains traction.

It seems the church owns an apartment building that is supposedly a non-profit charity to help provide low cost housing for the down-and-out. The church, which overall possesses liquid assets of more than $1.2 million and pays a part-time pastor an exorbitant salary, also received $5 million more from Georgia taxpayers in August to conduct repairs to the apartment building.

The National Legal and Policy Center has demanded that Warnock and his church explain “why they are hiding their ownership in the apartment building and to account for the rents received. It’s despicable that in the name of MLK, they are evicting tenants for past due rents of trifling amounts.” One tenant was reportedly evicted for non-payment of a whopping $28.55 in overdue rent.

MICHIGAN: [57:51] – I didn’t listen to it, but according to Breitbart, Trump-endorsed Tudor Dixon did well in her debate Thursday evening against Gov. Gretchen “Jackboot” Whitmer.

MIDTERMS: Rasmussen’s latest Generic Congressional Poll shows Republicans at 48% vs. Democrats at 41%. And a new Harvard-Harris poll shows Republican approval at 49% vs. Democrat approval at 46%.

NORTH CAROLINA: Superior Court Judge Charles Gilchrist, who does not mask, sent a juror to mask-free jail for 24 hours for … refusing to wear a mask in a building and state where masks are no longer mandated. Judge Gilchrist also refused to let said juror, a single father, call his son to tell him he was spending the night in jail. To add insult to injury, the juror is a Navy veteran who reportedly served on the President’s Honor Guard at Arlington National Cemetery.

PENNSYLVANIA: Fetterman is not well. CLICK [:12] to hear him say, “Send me to Washington, DC to take on—to make sure I push back against work to work!” To add to the absurdity of his campaign, Dementia Joe Biden is supposedly going to PA to campaign for him.

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny’s Language Arts curriculum incorporates a lot of fine art (yay!!). One of her assignments recently was to write four lines or longer with a rhyming scheme and inspired by the painting Peacock and Peacock Butterfly by Archibald Thorburn. She wrote,

“The bird is bright

In my sight.

It’s like a queen

That I have seen.”

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