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ABORTION: An abortion clinic in Bournemouth, England, has been granted a huge “buffer zone” that will be in effect for at least the next three years. Forbidden activities in the ENTIRE SHADED REGION include carrying any signage related to abortion, offering counseling of any kind regarding abortion or abortion alternatives, as well as praying, reciting scripture, genuflecting, sprinkling holy water, and making the sign of the cross.

DEPOPULATION: It seems there’s no question any more whether the ‘rona jab is achieving the primary goal set for it by Bill Gates and the whole “Save the Planet from the Humans” cabal.

CLICK [:30] to hear a Florida OB/GYN say that, since the vaxxx roll-out, her practice has seen ENORMOUS increases in infertility, miscarriages, abnormal pap smears and cervical cancers. In California, the live birth rate is 6.4% lower than pre-vaxxx levels. In North Dakota, it’s 10 to 13% lower.

In Israel, miscarriages and still birth rates among vaxxxed women are nearly 34% higher than unvaxxed women. Live birth rates have dropped 10% (UK) and Germany (12%). In Hungary, the most vaxxxed counties are showing a 15.2% drop vs. the least vaxxxed counties which are at -4.6%.

In Taiwan, which has an 80% vaxxx rate, live birth are down by 27.66%. In Sweden, nine months after they started vaxxxing 18-49-year-olds, the birth rate took a nose dive. And Sweden proves lockdowns aren’t the cause, because Sweden never did it.

In Europe, excess deaths in children has jumped 691% over pre-vaxxx levels.

Last Friday, a 17-year-old male collapsed while singing at the All-State Honors Show Choir in Illinois. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Officials are investigating.

On Wednesday, an 18-year-old offensive lineman at Mississippi State University died unexpectedly. The Sheriff’s and Coroner’s Offices are investigating.

CLICK [3:38] to hear Bill Maher recount the devastation wrought by the lockdowns and masks as well.

ECONOMY: Democrats can’t stop lying … I mean, talking … about abortion. But since voters are primarily interested in the economy, Stacey Abrams has the ideal talking point. Fight inflation with more abortions!

Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas. It’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs. For women this is not a reductive issue. You can’t divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child.

Another liar with a D by her name tweeted this fear porn: “When your wife is dying from sepsis because doctors aren’t allowed to treat her partial miscarriage, the last thing on your mind will be the price of milk.” Never mind that a D&C for a miscarriage is legal in every state.

FBI: Paul Vaughn, one of the pro-lifers who has been swarmed by SWAT teams told the National Catholic Register, “No one — not the local sheriff’s office, elected reps or me — were given any clue beforehand” that the early-morning raid was about to take place. It took six hours at a federal facility before the charges were even explained to him. Vaughn is president of Personhood Tennessee in Centreville, Tennessee. He faces felony charges for praying, reading Scripture and singing hymns outside an abortion clinic.

FLORIDA: Gov. DeSantis is actually doing something about illegal voting. CLICK [1:32]. Felons who have been convicted of murder or sexual assault are not allowed to vote in Florida. Democrats have been telling them they can. Now they’re flabbergasted because they’re being arrested.

State law says that a voter has to “willfully” commit the crime. Many if not all of these people have and will continue to get off, because they were told by Democrat operatives that the law had been changed. But these arrests are still worth while. In one of these arrest videos, the cop said, “I’ve never seen this charge before in my life.” Yeah, exactly. And that’s exactly the problem. Democrats have known they could cheat BECAUSE NOBODY WAS CHECKING.

IGOR DANCHENKO: John Durham’s apparently endless investigation into the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” dossier the Dems cooked up, paid for, and released shortly before Americans went to the polls in 2016 has produced two trials. Both of them have ended in acquittals. Danchenko has bragged that he was the primary source for the fake dossier. So … Trump got spied on and impeached, twice, and his friends went to prison. But the people who unjustly targeted him are walking free. Judgment will happen sooner or later. God knows who did what.

MASSACHUSETTS: Democrat governments really and truly do SUCK. When LEOs came to enforce an eviction notice, this b***h released her bees, then smashed the lid and flipped the hive to make them angry. When she was told that several of the officers who were stung are allergic to bees, she said, “Good.” Doesn’t she look just so d**n smug in that booking photo?! Sheesh. She probably knew she would be released without bail. Do I need to remind anyone that J6ers are still rotting in prison because they were denied bail on misdemeanor trespass charges?! She has been charged and I sincerely hope the judge has some personal experience with how lethal bee stings can be so she doesn’t walk AGAIN. I dunno why this makes me so angry. Oh wait, yes I do. I HAVE LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIES and I’m so sick of people who act like it’s just hay fever that keeps me locked up in my home.

MEDIA: A special translation guide to help you parse what the jerknalists are really saying –

Debunked conspiracy theory = a completely factual event that is 100% true and we don’t like it

Dangerous misinformation = we don’t really agree with it but people are still sharing it

Conservative panelist= guy who once voted for Ronald Reagan, possibly by mistake

Super-spreader event= gatherings of people we don’t like

The end of democracy= something Trump said

Settled science= a non-reviewed study by a possibly fictitious organization that just came out this morning

Widespread outrage = 3 people on Twitter got mad and so did we

Racist statements = literally means nothing

Republicans pounce = uh oh… a Democrat got caught

Mostly peaceful= it was hyper-violent but we agreed with it

Racist dog whistle = a super-secret whistle that only racists can hear and only we heard it

Anonymous sources = we totally made this up

This is an apple = this is a banana

MIDTERMS: Fetterman supports ZERO limitations on abortion. [:17]. His opponent, Herschel Walker, CLICK [1:25] can’t think of a single good thing Biden has done as president.

Debate clips for Utah Senate CLICK [1:02] and Ohio Senate CLICK [:52].

NEW YORK: The CDC is expected to announce that it is adding the ‘rona jab to required vaccines for school children. NEVER MIND that kids get a mild case then acquire natural immunity. And DEFINITELY shut up about the dangers these shots pose to their long-term health and fertility.

TRUMP: CLICK [3:50] to see his new ad.

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