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AMAZON: Amazon “does not allow products that promote, incite or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views.

This apparently does not include two Halloween costumes that Amazon is allowing FunWorld to sell that are extremely disrespectful to the Catholic faithful. And it’s not like they haven’t been hearing feedback from the faithful. But rather than remove those two costumes, Amazon has banned comments on them from anyone who hasn’t purchased them.

If you’d like to join me in protesting, go to and sign the petition. The first two links go to the costumes.

BIG PHARMA: Fluoroquinolones are among the most prescribed class of antibiotics, ranking No. 4 in the highest number of prescriptions written per 1,000 people. Yet they have long been associated with Achilles tendonitis and rupture, kidney stones, psychotic episodes (some leading to suicide), and now new data shows they can cause fatal aortic ruptures.

Keep in mind that antibiotics damage your gut microbiome, which accounts for nearly 80% of your immune system function, and contribute to the breeding of resistant bacteria. They should be used as little as possible and then followed by a robust course of probiotics to restore the gut.

DEFUND THE POLICE: Sixty-six percent of voters say crime is rising and 64% blame ‘woke politicians.’ These numbers include majorities in both parties.

CLICK [8:53] to see a super-cut of Democrats saying, “We MUST defund the police!

DEMONS: Exorcist Father Ripperger explains what they are (fallen angels) and why God allows them to influence our lives (so we grow in holiness) [4:03].

EVs: Alan O’Hashi says he has used his Nissan Leaf twice to drive the 178 miles from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Casper, Wyoming. In a gas-fuelled vehicle, the trip takes around 3 hours. In the EV, it took 15 hours one time and 11 the other time. IMO, the Left’s push to EV has nothing to do with the planet and everything to do with their plan to institute global feudalism. In Medieval times, serfs weren’t allowed to travel … or to own weapons for that matter.

FAUXTUS: In November, voters will be deciding on who sits in 470 House and Senate seats for the next two year session of Congress. CLICK [:13] to see Joe get all testy because a reporter doesn’t sufficiently appreciate the fact that he’s appeared with fifteen of them.

FETTERMAN: Folks are saying that John Fetterman’s wife and handler is the real candidate. The family photo above certainly seems to suggest that is true. And it’s not something I scrounged off the ‘net to make him look bad. It’s THE family photo featured on Page One of his campaign website!

The follow up from Biden’s visit also seems to confirm this idea. John Fetterman didn’t speak at the Biden event at all and his wife dealt with the press. There is zero mention of Biden’s visit at John’s campaign website, but his wife’s Facebook page features pictures of her on Air Force 1 with FAUXTUS and of her in front of Air Force 1 and of her with various Biden aides.

The Hill published a photo of John, wife, and FAUXTUS, with a headline, “Biden says Oz is for ‘undoing everything we have done’.” Hmm … that sounds like a campaign ad for Dr. Oz. LOL

FLORIDA: The corrupt CDC voted 15-0 to add the unsafe and ineffective ‘rona jabs to the list of required childhood vaccinations. CLICK [1:25] to hear Gov. Ron respond to the CDC’s threat to mandate ‘rona jabs for school kids.

GEORGIA: CLICK….-and-voter-suppression-is-aliv.html [:46] to hear Stacey Abrams get excited about “record voter turnout” for early voting AND proclaim that “voter suppression is alive and well in Georgia.”

MICHIGAN: Real Clear Politics has changed the Michigan gubernatorial prediction from Whitmer to Dixon.

PENNSYLVANIA: The graphic shows a paragraph from The Scrantonian newspaper, January 2, 1937. When Lyin’ Joe says “not joking”, you can pretty much bet the house that he’s lying. While campaigning for John Fetterman, Biden repeated the claim that his grandfather had been an “All-American” at Santa Clara University. The records show that, while Ambrose Finnegan did attend the school and played football there in the early 1900s, he was never named All-American.

POULTRY: We can expect scarcity and higher prices for eggs and poultry meat, as this year’s highly lethal avian flu has decimated chicken, turkey, and duck growers both here and in Europe.

RACISM: CLICK [1:22] to hear what all Caucasians are superior at.

STEVE BANNON: The former Trump ally and political commentator has been fined $6,500 and sentenced to 4 months in prison for defying a subpoena from the January 6th Committee.

VAXXX: A funeral director from New Zealand says that 95% of the corpses he has handled since the vaxxx roll out have died within two weeks of getting the jab. A funeral director in the UK and another in Alabama echo his finding. “From the very moment these injections went into arms, the death rate soared beyond belief.”

VOLKSWAGON: Climate loonies have taken to gluing themselves to walls and floors to protest the use of fossil fuels. Usually, folks just peel them off and arrest them. But Volkswagon has taken a novel (and frankly hysterical) approach. They’ve turned off the heat, turned out the lights, locked the doors, and left them there.

When they demanded bowls for their body waste, VW said nope. And periodically security guards come by to check on them with their bright flashlights. One of them has been removed to a hospital for treatment after his glued hand swelled up.

Nobody was allowed in, so they couldn’t order carry-out. They complained about the food and drink VW provided, despite the fact that they also claimed to be on a hunger strike. After 42 hours of “peaceful protest” (translation: cluttering up the showroom so the company can’t do business), VW sent in police. The comments on the Twitter thread are excellent. Here are just a few:

One would think that people who call themselves scientists would have foreseen the need for a container for waste when gluing oneself to the floor, but yet here we are.

This is the equivalent of a child holding their breath.

You wanted decarbonization, and they obliged by turning off the heat.”

I’d like to see the dealer have some workmen arrive on the morning and construct an 8 foot screen around them before opening, and then proceed with business as usual.”

WOMEN: In August, the Monmouth University generic ballot found women preferred Dems over Republicans (46% – 29%). This week’s poll found women evenly split (38% – 38%) between the two parties. Yowza! That’s eight points in just TWO MONTHS.

TRANS REGRET: CLICK [:55] to hear a mtf talk about what “her” life is like now.


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  1. You’ve probably already seen this?

    Some folks don’t like that the prevertz tried to usurp the rainbow with their goofy stripey flag. Not to worry. It isn’t a real rainbow and the symbolism can’t last.

    First, somebody added all those triangles and other thingies to represent Idon’tknowwhatall.

    Now, Microsoft (?!?) has run the whole thing through a kaleidoscope.
    Latest ‘pride flag’ design

    Someone awhile back did an ultimate ‘pride flag’ design, looking like the gray static on an old cathode ray tube TV.

    Meanwhile. I haven’t noticed that God’s real arc of the refracted spectrum needs any revision. Heh.

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  2. Tsi Harter

    I’m having a Lurch moment (Lurch/Adams Family).

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