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ELECTION FRAUD: If they can’t cheat, they can’t win. In Colorado, pro-Trump Republican Lauren Boebert was ahead of far left Democrat Adam Frisch … until shazam … several thousand previously uncounted votes suddenly appeared. Who woulda thunk?

In Arizona, the cheating is even more blatant, what with Katie Hobbs, the Democrat candidate also being the Sec’y of State overseeing the ballot count. Republican Kari Lake won on election day … but the longer the alleged counting goes on, the more “votes” they manage to find for the execrable Hobbs.

FTX: The World Economic Forum is one of the drivers behind the Great Reset (one world government, 666, etc.). Last May, Bankman-Fried — CEO of the now bankrupt, Ponzi-Democrat money laundromat known as FTX — was a speaker at the WEF’s glitzy annual shindig in Davos, Switzerland. He was on stage with Bill Clinton, another Demo-crook if ever there was one.

HYPOCRISY: New York State forbids anyone younger than 18 from getting tattooed with or without parental consent. One wonders why the tattoo artist did it, since one might suppose s/he would know the law on this.

CLICK [1:50] to hear an important and very interesting first person story about the blatant hypocrisy exhibited by medical professions when it comes to the trans religion.

MIDTERMS: On election day, it looked like Republicans gained control of the House. But with the cheating cheaters creating “votes” on their copy machines, who knows what we’ll end up with. At least congressional district in Oregon has officially flipped from Blue (48.9%) to Red (51.1%), so there’s that!

SCAM: Be on the lookout this holiday season. Reports are being made of scammers sending text messages where they pretend to be the U.S. Postal Service asking for redelivery fees. The USPS does not charge additional fees. If you become a victim of the scam, you can report it on the Better Business Bureau website.

WOMEN’S SPORTS: Ain’t patriarchy awesome? In today’s world, male athletes who can’t win can just put on some earrings and trounce the competition. Austin Killips just won the Verge Northampton International Cyclocross in Northampton, Massachusetts. Before suddenly deciding he’s really a woman “trapped” in a man’s (more heavily muscled) body, he won only 17 of the 57 races he entered. This could explain why he only managed to beat the “second” place REAL woman by one second.

UK: CLICK to see a quick shot of what a gem the Brits have in their queen-to-be.

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