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ARIZONA: CLICK [1:38] to see the video.

CLIMATE COMMANDMENTS: My cousins came up with these.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [2:45] to see a damning montage.

LIBS OF TIKTOK: CLICK [:10] to see the video.

OPERATION STEEL CURTAIN: In Texas, Gov. Abbott has ordered large steel containers, concertina wire, as well as personnel and equipment along the border in order to block and repel criminal activity and stop violations of state law. In addition, ten M113 armored personnel carriers are being deployed to 10 locations along the Texas-Mexico border.

TUCKER CARLSON: [3:58] – This is just for fun. No politics or news … just Tucker talking about his marriage, kids, faith, etc.

TWITTER: [5:46] – Twelve hundred people walked off the job, because … oh my! … Elon told them they had to actually work. Plus, people they can’t stand – like Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Babylon Bee – have their accounts back.

GRAMMY NOTES: God is good, all the time! Years ago, I was running errands. I had just gotten off the highway and was at a stop light when I heard a thunk from under the car. When the light turned green and I pulled forward, I heard something dragging, so I pulled off and walked across the street to the service station, where I found the guy closing early because he had nothing to do. He said, “You just caught me.”

He came with me, looked under the car, and said, “Your tie rod has fallen off. How did you get off the road?” I mimed steering and he said, “Nope. You need the tie rod to steer.” But even he could see the scrape mark that the dragging tie rod had made on the macadam and the tracks my tires had made as they turned on to the dirt shoulder. I love imagining my guardian angel turning the wheels for me! 🙂

He towed the car to the shop and, thankfully, had the part needed to repair it. While he worked, I wandered around the nearby mall, thinking about what could have happened if the tie rod had fallen off while I was doing 55 on the highway! I imagined my guardian angel holding it on until I got to the red light. 🙂

When I got back to the service station, I learned the guy didn’t take checks and I didn’t have enough room on my credit card for the repair. However, I had a large cash deposit that I had been planning to take to our bank. Why was I not surprised when it turned out to be enough to cover the repair? All the time, God is good!

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