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ACLU: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing a Pennsylvania school district for not promoting LGBT ideology.

CATHOLIC: Dr. Bella Dodd, who later repented and returned to her Catholic faith, was a master organizer for the Communist Party in America. Communists infiltrated not only the Catholic Church, but also all the mainline Protestant denominations. Dodd said she herself put about 1,200 Communist Party members into Catholic seminaries. Some of them rose to high levels within the RCC, including four who became cardinals. She also claimed to have placed a thousand communists into New York’s teacher’s union. Today, we are seeing the fruits of Satan’s century-long effort.

CHIEF TWIT: Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter there’s been a whole lot of people saying the social media platform is finished, what with advertisers and users leaving or threatening to leave, but not really doing it. On November 21, Musk tweeted, “Twitter added 1.6M daily active users this past week, another all-time high.”

DETRANS: [4:59] – Oli London, who once identified as a Korean woman and underwent 32 plastic surgeries along the way, has begun detransitioning and is looking forward to being baptized.

MEDIA: I remember when being first to get the scoop and break a big story was a journalist’s dream. Now, it’s all about protecting the Democrats. More than two years ago, The New York Post first revealed the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop and got censored by Twitter and Facebook and condemned by all the so-called “real” news outlets. Now, CBS, the Washington Post, and the New York Times finally admit the laptop did belong to Hunter and its contents are legit.

PELOSI: [11:20] – This is so weird. Two documents, each filed with the court, give mutually exclusive accounts of the same incident. The DOJ says police officers opened the door, while the San Francisco District Attorney says Paul Pelosi opened the door. Cops body camera show the DOJ’s version is a Big Fat Lie. And the NBC News reporter who reported this and other facts, as they were happening, has been suspended from his job.

S&G: When Balenciaga posted photos of little girls playing with bondage bears, social media users passed them around, creating enough blowback that the brand completely scrubbed the images. It’s clear the child porn aspect was intentional, since one photo included a copy of the US Supreme Court decision regarding child pornography.

It’s mind boggling what this company sells. I took a gander at the “Objects” and “Best Seller” sections. A 25-hour candle in an aluminum case sells for $550. Replacement candles are $80 each. Pajama bottoms cost $1,450. Matching tops are available for another $1,450. Small handbags go for well over $2,000. Metal lunchbox cost $790. A travel pillow costs $610. And for dog owners, a leash … a LEASH … for $450! Collar $495. Bowl $890. Fake fur, heart-shaped doggy bed $1,450.

I have to wonder if these Balenciaga people take their crap seriously or if they just laugh themselves silly every time some fool with too much money buys anything

GRAMMY NOTES: Giraffes are my favorite wild animal, so naturally I’ve been longing to paint one for ages. I finally decided my skills were up to doing the subject justice. Photo reference by Denise McQuillen. Used with permission. N.b., the flash washed out the colors quite a lot.

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