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ARIZONA: On Friday, Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced she has left the Democratic Party and has registered as an independent, saying she’s turning her back on the “broken partisan system in Washington” that prioritizes denying the opposition party a win rather than “delivering for all Americans.” A discussion I saw on Fox noted that she’s a savvy politician who will be running for re-election in a now deep purple state where the majority of registered voters are independents. This move also reduces Schumer’s lock on Senate votes for the next two years.

CHARTER SCHOOLS: Traditional public schools are government institutions. Charter schools are not. They are privately operated, usually by nonprofit entities, yet 44 states have laws prohibiting then from being operated by or affiliated with religious institutions. That should end soon, because the Supreme Court recently decided in Carson v. Makin that Maine’s exclusion of religious schools from a tuition-assistance program for students living in rural school districts violated the Constitution’s Free Exercise Clause.

CHIEF TWIT: A new investigation reveals that teams of Twitter employees secretly built blacklists, prevented disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limited the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics. Among those blacklisted were conservatives Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk, Libs of TikTok, and Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya who argued that Covid lockdowns would harm children (which they did).

DEA: Sam Brinton, FAUXTUS’ non-binary, cross-dressing, puppy play, bondage sex, and spanking expert has just been charged with stealing another woman’s suitcase, this time at the Las Vegas airport.

Earlier this week, Wayne Besen also exposed as “unlikely” Brinton’s claims of having been brutalized by so-called conversion therapy. Major national organizations have apparently made Brinton their poster boy, yet Brinton claims he can’t recall the therapist’s name, what state the therapy occurred in, or how long it went on.

EXCESS MORTALITY: Josh Stirling, a highly acclaimed insurance analyst, presented at U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s Dec. 7 round table discussion titled “COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work and Possible Causes of Injuries.” He said that, overall, the vaxxxed have a 26% higher mortality rate than the unvaxxxed.

For those under the age of 50, the mortality rate is 49% higher. Worst of all, people who only took one dose of the vaccine have an approximately 145% worse mortality rate. The disproportionately higher number for one-dosers suggests that this group likely suffered an injury following their first dose and thus deciding not to get the second dose.

Stirling noted that these are based on the very best statistics available at this time and that they suggest the U.S. population will suffer 600,000 excess deaths per year as a result of the ‘rona jab. Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to push it on us and the FDA just approved it for tiny babies.

LIFE: CLICK [1:50] to hear Michael Knowles’ beeyoootifull take down of a smugger than smug liberal. This tweet has some excellent comments. “Identity is a personal choice not a community obligation.” “I also identify as a person who is right. It feels so good to finally find my tribe.” “How can Trans expect others to accept them when they never accepted themselves?” “I feel like we’re all living in a never-ending south park episode!”

RESPECT FOR MARRIAGE ACT: As per usual, Dems have named a bill the exact opposite of what they intend it to do. The real effect of this abomination will be to expose people of faith to a host of potential lawsuits from left-wing activists seeking to silence their voices.

Brian Burch, president of Catholic Vote said, “The act purports to defend same-sex and interracial marriages, yet neither institution is under attack, and the act adds zero new protections for same-sex marriages that the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges didn’t already provide.” Shamefully, all 74 Catholic House Democrats, plus 15 of the 56 Catholic Republicans, voted to pass this misnamed abomination.

Hell-bound “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi cheered the bill’s passage and confirmed what we already knew, which is that it will be used to “combat bigoted extremism” and “right-wing extremists“, by which Democrats mean people who hold the biblical view of marriage that was the law of the land until about five minutes ago.

VANGUARD: On Wednesday, the world’s biggest mutual fund manager announced that, as a result of pressure from Republican politicians, the company will be withdrawing from woke investments. Vanguard’s big rival, BlackRock Inc, has taken the opposite stand.

VAXXX: A toxicology expert with over 30 years of scientific experience issued this stark warning Wednesday during Sen. Johnson’s round table on the mRNA COVID jabs. And here I thought sterilizing an entire generation was the whole point.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m too old to remember this; for me, it was a film projector. However, when I was a recent college graduate, I worked at the regional library that supplied films and video tapes to the public schools. And across the hall, the repair guys worked on the projectors and t.v. sets the public schools managed to break.



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