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Today is the Feast of St. John of the Cross, the spiritual giant who wrote about the “Dark Night of the Soul.” The video is long, but I think it’s one of the best talks Father Chris has done. He explains what St. John meant and what it means for each of us who seek to grow in holiness and love for God.

CHIEF TWIT: The fifth batch of “Twitter Files” details Twitter employees’ thoughts on the day the platform decided to permanently suspend then-President Trump. The team struggled to find even one tweet to justify such a ban, until they thought to seek out “coded” language … but only if you interpreted his use of the phrase “American Patriots” to refer to the rioters!

Weiss tweeted, “Twitter deals with other heads of state and political leaders, including in Iran, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.” Then she listed these (and other) examples of tweets that were deleted for “glorifying violence,” but whose accounts were not banned.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister: “Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past.”

Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria, about pro-Biafra groups: “Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war will treat them in the language they understand.”

The worst example of all is this one, by Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that Twitter didn’t even delete:

#Israel is a malignant cancerous tumor in the West Asian region that has to be removed and eradicated: it is possible and it will happen.

COVID-19: Two of the top banned-for-truth-telling doctors are back on Twitter. The following is from Dr. Malone’s substack (link below) – “As we approach 2023, you are now completing and have survived the third year of the largest, most globally coordinated psychological warfare operation in the history of mankind. During this period, on a daily basis, you have experienced the US Government and many western nations deploying highly refined, military-grade fifth generation warfare technologies against their own citizens. For those who have avoided the jabs which are neither safe nor effective, you deserve a medal for your ability to see through the fog of information warfare. Those, like me, who trusted the FDA and took the initial jabs only to suffer the adverse effects of same, perhaps a purple heart for being wounded in battle. For the millions of battlefield dead, the excess mortality documented by Ed Dowd and so many others, a moment of silent mourning is in order.”

P.S. If you see me wearing a mask inside my car, please don’t make sheep sounds at me! I’m hypersensitive to chemicals and have been masking since the ’80s.

FAUCI: CLICK [:08] to hear him say something utterly ridiculous. The damn thing is zoonotic, it’s infected a major percentage of humans, and it’s not going away. IOW, it’s endemic now, not pandemic. Even the ChiComs have given up trying to eradicate it.

INCITING VIOLENCE: CLICK [4:25] to hear Rep. Nancy Mace (SC-1) ask transgender civil rights attorney and transgender rights activist Alexandra Caraballo, “Do you believe that rhetoric targeting officials with violence for carrying out their constitutional cuties is a threat to democracy?” Caraballo says, “Yes.”

LET THE PERSECUTION BEGIN: “Biden signs bill to codify gay ‘marriage’ with activist drag queen in attendance … The president claimed the controversial legislation will ‘strike a blow against hate in all its forms.'”

CLICK [1:56] to see Hannity’s report.

The misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act” was designed to give Leftists another legal tool to use to persecute Bible believers. I expect lawsuits to be filed momentarily.

RAAACISM: Dr. Ben Carson was born into poverty and raised by an illiterate single mother. He went from inner-city Detroit public schools to Yale University to University of Michigan Medical School. He became one of the most influential and skilled pediatric neurosurgeons in the world and taught neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

He received more than 60 honorary doctorate degrees and numerous national merit citations. In 2001, both CNN and Time named him one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists. The Library of Congress named him as one of 89 “Living Legends” on its 200th anniversary. In 2008, Carson was bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. In 2010, he was elected into the National Academy of Medicine. He has written or co-written six bestselling books, and in 2009 he was featured in the TV film Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

This week, the Detroit Public Schools voted to change the name of Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine to Crockett Midtown High School of Science and Medicine. Sadly, 80% of the students, alumni, staff, parents, and community surveyed favored removing Carson’s name, because he served four years as President Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The new honoree, Dr. Ethelene Crockett, was the first African American woman in Michigan to become board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. In 1972 she led the fight to liberalize Michigan’s abortion laws, which obviously makes her a way better physician mentor for people of color than some stinky old Republican.

VAXXX: Another b.s. study is making the rounds, trying to show that being unvaxxxed makes you a road menace because “individual adults who tend to resist public health recommendations might also neglect basic road safety guidelines.”

Oh. Riiiiiiiiiiight. My very careful investigation into the actual science means I am a scofflaw who routinely runs red lights. Or something. Sorry, pal, but that theory doesn’t fly. I used to drive a school bus, which means I passed all the much more stringent road safety tests to obtain a Class 2 license. And I only ever got one traffic ticket in my whole life and that was from a cop who was being a jerk. I successfully fought it in court. Seeing the look the judge gave that cop was worth taking it to court! Well, that and not getting a ding on my license that could’ve cost me my job!

Igor Chudov parses the absurdities buried in the “studies” bogus methodology (link below).

VIRGINIA: On Monday, two top officials of the Loudoun County public school district were indicted for their roles in covering up the bathroom rape of a female student by a skirt-wearing male student.

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