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ABORTION: [1:30] – The Pro-Life Action League’s annual “Peace in the Womb” Christmas Caroling campaign is taking place at over 80 abortion facilities this year, continuing a 20-year tradition that has saved lives. Women walk out of abortion clinics and tell the singers that hearing the music caused her to cancel her abortion.

BORDER: CLICK [:15] to hear KJP’s latest lie debunked.

CLIMATE LIES: Last September, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres claimed climate, weather and water-related disasters had increased by 500% over the last 50 years. This piece of pure misinformation was then legitimized via false statistic by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), one of the founding bodies of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). And, of course, the IPCC is an intergovernmental body of the United Nations.

Professor Roger Pielke says that, for 2022, the total number of weather- and climate-related disasters and the total number of people who died as a result are similar to the averages for the last decade. The number of disasters is about 10% lower than the previous decade, while the overall death rate was not only one of the five lowest ever, but also a twentieth of what it was 2 decades ago!

DEMO-RATS: Rep. Chip Roy tweeted, “The $1.7 trillion omnibus would funnel BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to woke pet projects from members like AOC & Hakeem Jeffries.” CLICK to see some of the most egregious examples.

EVIL: [9:11] – If you have any lingering doubts about how evil the world has become, watch the video and/or click the links. Then, say a rosary.

GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS: [3:32] – Endo lost his eye sight at age 13. He’s now beaten three world records.

JUSTICE: Oberlin College has finally paid Gibson’s Bakery and Food Mart the $36.6 million the court ordered for tarring the family business “racist” for having defended themselves from a student thief who happened to be black. S’about time!

PAVONE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has issued a scorching declaration of Pope Francis’ persecution of Fr. Frank A. Pavone. He uses very strong language, using words like “persecutory”, “unjust”, “illegitimate”, and “hateful” and notes, “Bergoglian acolytes are distinguished in this manner: the graver their crimes, the more prestigious the positions they hold.”

THOUGHT POLICE: A British woman has been arrested and charged with four crimes for having prayed silently while standing outside an abortion facility.

UKRAINE: I’ve been inclined to support Ukraine, what with Russia apparently having been the aggressor. However, the fact that these news sites are all in on supporting Ukraine makes me question that position. Plus, you know, Democrats insisted on sending billions of dollars to Ukraine to fight Russia, then FAUXTUS released a seriously notorious convicted arms dealer from an American prison, so he could go home to help Russia beat Ukraine. All in all, I feel like we’re being played.

WOMEN’S SPORTS: The Professional Disc Golfer’s Association (PDGA), which previously celebrated a man claiming to be a woman who outperformed females in major women’s tournaments, has reversed course and instituted a new rule that will ban most males from playing in the women’s division.

GRAMMY NOTES: This is me, post-grandkids. LOL

CLICK [1:31] for a wonderfully snarky weather report.

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    On Christmas Eve 1968, the Apollo 8 astronauts—Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders—became the first humans to enter lunar orbit. As they circled the moon ten times, they shared images of the moon and the Earth. During a live broadcast, they took turns reading from Genesis 1. At the fortieth anniversary celebration, Borman said, “We were told that on Christmas Eve we would have the largest audience that had ever listened to a human voice. And the only instructions that we got from NASA was to do something appropriate.” The Bible verses spoken by the Apollo 8 astronauts still plant seeds of truth into the listening hearts of people who hear the historical recording.

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