Day One and Day Eight

BIDEN ECONOMY: A year ago, Joe bragged about all the stock market records that had been set on his watch. There definitely were records, but they weren’t the kind you should brag about!

CHIEF TWIT: The Christian Post is back on Twitter. The previous regime suspended the account after it refused to retract a tweet saying, “USA Today names Rachel Levine, a man, among its ‘Women of the Year.’”

COVID-19: A newly published analysis of ‘rona death statistics shows the highest ‘rona death rate was among the over 70s. However, 94% of the global population is under 70; the infected survival rate among 60-69ers was 99.5%.

Furthermore, 86% of the global population is under 60 years old. The infected survival rate among the oldest of these (50-59ers) was 99.88%.

And, as you go down in age, the survival rate goes up. For 40-49ers, it was 99.96%. For 30-39ers, it was 99.989%. For 20-29ers, it was 99.998%. And for 0-19ers, it was 99.9997%.

FREE SPEECH: A sportscaster has been fired for calling illegal aliens “illegal aliens” during a broadcast. CLICK [:17].

CLICK to hear about a brave collegiate soccer player who was benched for refusing to kneel for Black Lives Matter.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky just signed a bill that broadened his government’s control over both print and online media.

The UK is threatening extra jail time for female prisoners who use he/him for the penis-bearers with whom they are forced to share cells, bathrooms, and showers.

The EU is trying to get everyone to refer to pedophiles as “Minor-Attracted Persons“, as if molesting children is just one more sexual preference we must tolerate.

KAREN: [1:03] – This may be one of the most ridiculous Karens I’ve seen yet. No surprise it happened in San Fran-Feces which all the normal people have abandoned. “You’re killing us,” she screams … while standing still in the absolutely zero traffic lane that she thinks is unacceptably dangerous for her to use to quickly pass the ambulance. Also, telling the driver (who is on a break) to park in a parking lot … ignoring the very real possibility (and maybe regs?) that the driver’s break could be abruptly ended by an urgent call. The one thing she says that is absolutely true is that her mind is probably “God damned.”

KWANZAA: Today is the last day of this bogus holiday. Wikipedia says it was created in 1966 in the aftermath of the Watts riots. Black Power leader, Maulana Karenga, says he created it to “give blacks an alternative to the existing holiday of Christmas and give blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society.” IOW, it was intended, right from the start, to be a specific rejection of Jesus Christ.

You’ll notice that the 7-day kinara (kee-NAH-rah) mimics the Jewish menorah, but puts a black candle in the most important spot, and uses the traditional green and red colors of Christmas for the rest. Each day, the black candle is lit first; it symbolizes a desire for unity of purpose for all African American and Pan-American people. On subsequent days, the red and green candles are added. The “principles” highlighted each day are heavy on communist ideals, like collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, creativity in service of the community, and faith not in God, but in the community. In short, Black Power/BlackLivesMatter Marxism.

Not long after inventing Kwanzaa, Karenga was convicted of felony assault and false imprisonment. One of his victims testified that Karenga and other men had tortured her and another woman, stripping them naked and beating them with a toaster, an electrical cord and a karate baton. He also burned her mouth and face with a hot soldering iron, clamped her toes in a vise, and put detergent in their mouths and ran hoses into their mouths. While imprisoned, Karenga studied and wrote on feminism (wut?!), Pan-Africanism, and other subjects. Since his release, he has denied all charges, described himself as a former political prisoner, and eliminated the entire episode from his biographical materials. He’s been awarded two doctorates and is head of the Africana Studies Department at California State University, Long Beach.

LOCKDOWNS: Sweden didn’t lock down and achieved herd immunity within months. China imposed the most draconian lockdowns on the planet and now, nearly three years later, has the highest ‘rona infection and deaths rates of any nation.

GRAMMY NOTES: New Year’s Eve was a wild and crazy night here at Casa Hyphen! Dearest and I switched out our 2022 health insurance cards for 2023 health insurance cards, got all our holidays and holy days of obligation marked on our new day planners, AND watched a sappy Christmas DVD.


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