Catholic Teaching on Aliens

I believe the beings described in Rev. 16:13-14 will likely be demons posing as Roswell gray/greens. And we’re being groomed to accept them unquestioningly. Already, about half of Americans believe that aliens are visiting Earth!

A lot of lay people think aliens come from other planets in distant star systems, but the physicists who take the laws of our universe seriously say can NOT have come from OUR universe, because the problems of traveling such distances are insurmountable. Carl Sagan was part of a DoD study years ago that concluded extraterrestrial beings have and do visit Earth, but that their origin is not within our universe, but in some other dimension.

Psychiatrists who have made a serious study of alien encounters say the survivors are not mentally ill, yet show clear signs of PTSD. IOW, they definitely experienced something traumatic. Christian UFOlogists report that NOTHING but the Name of Jesus stops these often terrifying and unwanted visitations, but that it only works for people who walk the walk, not just talk the talk. IOW, demons, including the ones who masquerade as aliens, know who really belongs to Jesus.

In the videos below, a noted Catholic scholar examines the biblical and RCC teachings that show aliens not only do not exist, but that the beings that pose as aliens are really demons. For a rich non-Catholic Christian resource, go to

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