Ninth Day of Christmas

LIFE: CLICK to hear a pro-abort get totally riled by a totally calm gentleman, then stomp off because he’s so “irritating!

RIP: [2:23] – Father Mark gives a brief, but lovely eulogy for our dearly departed pontiff.

S&G: CLICK to hear about the new words the Oxford dictionary added in 2022.

CLICK to hear logic vs. b.s.

CLICK the links if you can bear to hear any more how bad things have gotten. Or just read the titles and skip the articles.

GRAMMY NOTES: Ordinarily, on such a skimpy day, I’d skip posting and fold the items into tomorrow’s post. But since I’m doing the 12 Days of Christmas, I’ll pad this out slightly by sharing my latest homework from Emily Olson’s Watercolor Mastery that Dearest and Mama Buzz got me for Christmas.


CLICK for more RxCKSTxR.

CLICK for more Gardiner Brothers.

CLICK for the Funny Republican.

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