Tenth Day of Christmas

N.b., all the “ten lords a’leaping” memes I found were boring, so I went with this. 🙂

1A: On the left’s other front, Dem pols are talking about amending the First Amendment to limit speech they don’t like. CLICK https://twitter.com/TPostMillennial/status/1609944272794521603 [:32] to hear Sen. Klobuchar spew nonsense. Senator Cardin has also claimed that “hate” speech isn’t protected by the 1st Amendment and that we should “learn from” Europe, where they arrest people for praying and posting memes.

Huh … and here I was taught in American history that the whole point of the First Amendment was to protect unpopular speech. Cuz, you know, popular speech doesn’t need protecting. But heck, let’s just forget all that and the fact that we fought a war to free ourselves from European standards!

INCLUSIVITY: CLICK https://www.youtube.com/shorts/wFF9Me4Aaks to hear Bishop Barron explain why inclusivity requires exclusivity.

NFL: Prayers needed for Damar Hamlin, who suffered cardiac arrest during the Bills-Bengals game. Play was suspended while dozens of rough, tough professional football players wept and knelt in prayer in front of hundreds of thousands of people. As I write this, the latest news is that he is in a coma, on a ventilator, and in critical condition.

Hamlin was drafted by the Bills in April of 2021. By November of that year, 95% of all NFL players had chosen the jab over daily testing. Hamlin’s case is getting a lot of attention. Of course, we pray for a full recovery, but in the likely event he ends up dead or crippled for life, I also pray that the vaxxx gets blamed. N.b., the last article below – “Sudden Cardiac Death Risk in Contact Sports” – discusses the issue.

RASMUSSEN: Overall, 48% of adults surveyed said there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of the ‘rona vaxxxines. The breakdowns by gender and age were remarkably similar. Ditto the partisan breakdown: Republicans (60%), Democrats (44%), unaffiliated (43%). N.b., a 16 point spread is really small for any highly politicized issue.

Interestingly, more Democrats (33%) than Republicans and unaffiliated (26% each) reported suspecting that someone they know might have died because of the jab. This disparity is in line with the fact that people tend to associate with like-minded people and more Democrats (85%) than Republicans (63%) got the jab.

S&G: My heart breaks for this man. He fought so hard to save his son, but his whacko mother has won the right to take him to California and start him on life-altering puberty blockers. I can’t find anywhere that the kid got his own lawyer and an unbiased shrink to talk to him without either parent present and find out what he wants!

GRAMMY NOTES: I have been saying for decades that we are more environmentally sound! LOL


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3 responses to “Tenth Day of Christmas

  1. From the always-reliable Genesius Times:

    You can’t ask vax status of someone who died suddenly, just of people who want a job or to eat

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s totally inappropriate to ask the vaccination status of someone who died suddenly, like so many healthy athletes out there. You don’t need to know that.

    That’s PRIVATE INFORMATION. Only the suddenly died person’s doctor should know that.

    On the other hand, it’s totally okay for employers and restaurants, Joe Biden, and NFL stadiums to demand your vaccination status before letting you work or eat or go to a football game.

    That’s totally cool.

    That’s SCIENCE! Look at my credentials. I speak for science!

    Remember the all-powerful Saint Fauci, peace be to him!?

    If you don’t like science then you should be in prison!

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  2. Tsi Harter

    An older brother and old friend, both got 3 jabs. Both died of the same cancer. Within 2 weeks of cancer being detected, both had died. As fer this being a conspiracy theory, about time a new one came along. Conservatives were all out because they all came true. I have to ask, how much did politicians forcing this on us make per jab? A buck? To bury family and friends? Now a younger sister is constantly ill. Yep, all 3 jabs.

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