Days Eleven and Twelve

Sorry, I got behind!

ARIZONA: Under Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, Arizonans shell out $100 million to build a makeshift border wall out of shipping containers. One day after Democrat Katie Hobbs – who was elected under disputed circumstances – was inaugurated as governor, contractors are suddenly racing to remove them … to the tune of another $76 million. Once the containers are removed, border agents will once again have to respond to multiple areas with limited manpower.

EDUCATION: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (the 9th!) has ruled that wearing a MAGA hat is constitutionally-protected free speech. In 2019, a Washington State teacher wore his MAGA hat to teacher training. The principal of one of the schools made a ginormous stink, called the teacher a racist and bigot, then told him to bring his union representative. The principal told the court she was solely motivated by a desire to prevent disruptions to the school. Yeah, right. Interesting isn’t it to compare this with the Canadian school board that rejected parents’ complaints that the male shop teacher’s giant fake boobs were an unacceptable distraction?

FBI: Musk’s latest Twitter file releases have revealed that the intelligence community pushed Twitter to find some sort of coordinated Russian disinformation campaign on which it could blame things like the Hunter Biden laptop story and the Wuhan lab leak story.

JORDAN PETERSON: It’s 1984 in Canada.

TRANS ATHLETES: The World Boxing Council (WBC) will be restricting competitions to members of the same biological sex. To satisfy boxers supposedly struggling with gender confusion, there will be separate categories for mtf and ftm boxers to compete against one another. I’ve got three thoughts about this. One, finally, some common sense! Two, those last two categories are going to be very sparsely populated. Three, betcha a lot of allegedly gender confused mtf boxers will suddenly decide they’d rather be men and box than be trans and not box.

VAXXXIDENT: Former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Uchechukwu Nwaneri (38) was found unresponsive by his wife at 1 a.m. after apparently collapsing. The toxicology report is not back yet, but the physical autopsy showed no signs of foul play. At the moment, investigators believe the former player might have suffered a heart attack. He was vaxxxed.

In other news, we now know that between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 29, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified hundreds of safety signals for the Moderna and Pfizer gene therapy toxins that they did NOT tell us about. Safety signals are adverse conditions that may be linked to the vaxxx. The only reason we know this now is that The Epoch Times pried the information out the CDC through a FOIA request after the CDC refused to make the results public.

GRAMMY NOTES: No partridge, but I did paint this awesomely delicious looking pear!


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  1. Tsi Harter

    Hobbs will do anything, endanger any life in order to obey her owner, soros. Three times she admitted to being a bigot. As under that friend of the clintons, Bruce Babbitt, look for sucking up to mojados and hate for all others. Yet, a great deal happened since Babbitt’s people lost the election in the 80s. Tarahumara famine caused by GMO maize, a growing revolt in Mexico, woke, and other nazism on the left. One thing is talked about, the PRI would not have regained power except for strong DNC interference in Mexican politics. Most Mexicans hate the PRI and here, at least, they can openly talk politics. Mexico went from a booming economy under the PAN to broke under the PRI. If ever there was a good example of what socialism and atheism do to a nation, it’s Mexico. From thriving before 1910 to the peso devaluation to 4,000 to one USD by the 40s, to perhaps as many as 8 million slaves in Mexico and a once-again thriving slave trade thanks to liberals. An open border promotes slavery there and here.

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