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2A: You gotta CLICK for an awesome historical point in favor of our right to bear arms.

CHARLES DICKENS: I encourage you to click the link and read about the night a beautiful woman in blue appeared to Charles Dickens.

LIFE: In August of 2021, 5,706 babies died in elective abortions in Texas. Since then, the Supreme Court overturned Roe and Texas banned abortions on fetuses with detectable heart beats. In August of 2022, only three unborn babies were aborted in Texas, all to save the life of the mother. The news was not so good for the unborn the world over. Abortion was again the number one cause of human death worldwide in 2022, with an estimated 44 million dead.

OHIO: Keris Riebel was a 22-year-old newlywed who was married on October 8th to her husband, Jordan. She grew up in the church, and she and her husband, Jordan, were members at Trinity Baptist Church in Marion, Ohio.

Her obituary says, “Keris had a great love for Our Lord. She loved the bible and was devoted daily in reading the scriptures. Her heart for the Lord was reflected in the way she lived life, always having a smile, and her loving spirit and kindness for others.”

Not the Bee writes, “The brutality of the crime, the location in a sleepy Midwestern shopping center, and the tragic loss of a young, beautiful bride with her life ahead of her make this the kind of story that shocks a nation. And yet nearly no outlets are reporting on it. Why is that?

Take one look at the skin color of the perp and the skin color of the victim and you’ll know why. The only good news is that the perp is in custody and charged with murder. The Wyandot County Prosecuting Attorney says there was no apparent motive, that the attack was “random, sudden, and unprovoked.” The murder was recorded by security camera, plus the perp turned himself in and confessed.

PRAYER: In recent years, we’ve seen high school coaches fired for kneeling in prayer and Tim Tebow treated like crap because he knelt in prayer. The majority of NFL players who knelt during the National Anthem were treated like heroes, while the true heroes … the brave minority … who stood were treated like crap.

So naturally, I was surprised when, after Damar Hamlin’s collapse, both teams knelt on the field together to pray. Since then, an ESPN host prayed during his broadcast; CLICK

Also, when retired Super Bowl champion Benjamin Watson was interviewed on CNN by noted leftie, Anderson Cooper, he said he hoped the tragedy would serve as a wakeup call for those who witnessed the terrifying incident to think about life after death. But that the tragic event also presented a “tremendous opportunity … because the questions about what happens after this life, where will you spend eternity are coming up for all of us, [and] thank God that he provides an answer through his son, Jesus Christ.

In other news, Father Mike Schmitz’s Catechism in a Year podcast, which launched on January 1, 2023, is the most downloaded and used app of 2023.

GRAMMY NOTES: I was listening to the exorcist, Father Chad Ripperger, on YouTube the other day. He talked about the importance of being completely detached from the world. This is not to say you don’t care about or care for your loved ones and your belongings, but that when and if you lose them, you will keep your eyes on the prize, who is Jesus.


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