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CLICK to hear a powerful faith testimony by a completed Jew.

CALIFORNICATION: The Santee, California, YMCA told a 17-year-old girl that she shouldn’t use the women’s locker room if she was bothered by the presence of a biologically intact male parading around naked because he felt like it.

COLONIZATION: CLICK to hear a succinct and left-friendly argument against pushing abortion on African nations.

DOCUMENTS: Six more pages, all bearing classification markings, have been found in a room adjacent to the garage at Biden’s home in Delaware. If you’re keeping count, this is the third such discovery. So far as I know, they have not yet searched Jill’s panty drawer, which I think should definitely get done, since the FBI felt compelled to rout through Melania’s.

EFFING BEE: I am SO sick of FB putting that Big Fat Lie from the WHO on every post. CLICK to hear why this one guy decided not to take the jab.

FAUCI: Igor Chudov shows evidence that St. Tony knew about the possibility that boosters could cause people’s immune systems to stop fighting and instead become tolerance of the ‘rona virus.

LIFE: Ashley Steinhauer (40) is a nurse practitioner who had an abortion at 18. She recounts now how, after “the nurse got me into position on the bed … the ultrasound machine was to the right of me. The physician walked in and … basically said ‘Hi, okay, let’s get started.’ I never had any kind of counseling or anything like that. I never had anybody talk to me about options.”

Shes says she looked over to the ultrasound screen and saw her baby, but before she could react, a “very immediate, fast, abrupt, aggressive suction procedure” began. After the abortion was over, she was shocked by the way her unborn baby’s remains were discarded by clinic nurses.

After she married, she suffered three miscarriages because of uterine scarring from that single “safe” procedure. Riddled with shame and regret, she underwent surgery to restore her womb and intense spiritual healing to repair the damage to her soul. She is now the mother of two living children and a pro-life activist.

NIGERIA: Yesterday, armed Muslim terrorists set fire to the rectory of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in the Catholic Diocese of Minna, Nigeria. They then waited outside. Father Isaac Achi (photo) died in the fire; Father Collins Omeh was shot as he escaped and is being treated in a hospital. 

S&G: CLICK [:26] to see the new owner of the Miss Universe tout the glory of feminism. “She” was born with a penis.

THE LANCET: The once-prestigious medical journal has sold out to the Left. John Hinderaker has been watching the downward slide since 2016, when it published an editorial denunciation of Donald Trump. In 2017, he reported that the editor in chief had published a piece in which he claimed that Marxism is the key to public health. In 2018, the journal published an editorial calling for an end to eating meat because of climate change.

More recently, Norman Fenton and Martin Neil recount how, on May 6, 2021, The Lancet published a study claiming the Pfizer ‘rona serum was 95% effective. On May 17, 2021, the two professors submitted a response about why the study was flawed. They heard nothing from the journal until twenty months later when, on January 23, 2023 they got an email from a senior editor explaining that the lead author had not responded to their letter so they had decided to ignore it as well.

USPS: Postage goes up on Jan 22, so get your FOREVER stamps this week.

GRAMMY NOTES: I was with a friend and her young daughter once when someone told the child, “You look very pretty today.” The kid threw out her left arm and launched into Danny Kaye’s, “I’m NOT such an ugly duckling!” song.


CLICK for another gorgeous ballerina photo.

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