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AIR TRAVEL: [4:46] – THREE national aircraft systems have been attacked since the new year. So far, the governments are claiming these are just oopsies.

BURKINA FASO: Last week, Islamist militants kidnapped around 50 women in Burkina Faso’s northern province of Soum, another 40 southeast of Arbinda, and then 20 more in the next town.

DAVOS: Each year, global elites who want you to live in a pod, eating bugs, with no possessions, fly their private jets to Switzerland to plan how to take away our freedoms during the day, while enjoying enjoy expensive, high-end prostitutes at night.

CLICK [:39] to hear John Kerry’s arrogant praise for himself and the other pompous buttheads at the WEF. Good comments on this clip: “And they say Trump is a narcissist” and “Modern gnosticism.”

DOCUMENTS: [8:50] – The Five co-hosts discuss White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s testy exchanges with reporters over Biden’s classified documents and a WSJ report saying the DOJ decided against FBI agents in documents search.

DOUBLE STANDARDS: [9:11] – The only standards the Left understands.

FATHERS ARE INDISPENSABLE: St. Joseph, pray for us. – CLICK [9:00] to hear how successful the Progs have been in destroying families in the U.S.

In other news, Hunter Biden has petitioned the court to prevent his four-year-old daughter from using the Biden name. The girl was conceived out-of-wedlock when Hunter had sex with former stripper Lunden Roberts. Neither Hunter nor his “devout Catholic” dad have ever met the girl.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:05] to hear Dementia Joe bungle the name of his own SCOTUS nominee. CLICK [:35] to hear him totally forget the name of Martin Luther King III’s wife. BTW, it’s Arndrea, not “Vavuh.

PATRIARCHY: Feminism has utterly failed. – CLICK [1:27] to hear a woman explain, tearfully, how a male trotted his perv self into the lady’s locker room so he could gawk at boobies. Despite the fact that voyeurism is illegal in Arizona, police wouldn’t do anything because the man, Paul Bixler (photo), claims he’s a she.

Bixler is a retired school teacher who sits on the Liberty Elementary School Board, which covers eight schools on the outskirts of metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. He claims it’s okay for him to use the women’s locker room, because he’s had “bottom surgery.” Do we get to check out his claim for ourselves? I mean, he gawked at nekkid ladies, so turnabout and all that.

S&G: CLICK [:59] to hear a high school teacher smirk and giggle about how she promotes civic unrest in her classroom.

UNETHICAL EXPERIMENTS IN THE USA: “Trust the science” … nope! [20:16] – I did what he said and googled. The top hits are below. There doesn’t appear to have been much in the way of earthly consequences for the so-called scientists who performed these wicked acts, but I’m guessing God has had or will have a thing or two to say about them.

VAXXX: “An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes.” – Sun Tzu

VETERANS: Veterans will now be able to receive free emergency mental health care if they’re in a suicidal crisis. This shouldn’t be news. It should have been SOP all along.

GRAMMY NOTES: I don’t remember what we ate, but I clearly remember sitting on the red stool, waiting for the food to come, while admiring myself in the mirror wearing my brand new Purple People Eater mask. It was 1958 and I was four.


CLICK to see how a gorgeous photo got made.

CLICK for bad lip reading congressional votes.

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