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1A: The ACLJ is arguing soon on behalf of a coach who was fired for praying silently after football games. If you want to donate and/or sign their petition on his behalf, click the link below. In other cases, the ACLJ is defending a realtor who was forced out of business for including “Jesus loves you” on her email signature and advising a city facing legal threats for opening their legislative meetings in prayer.

In recent, successful efforts, the organization got two public schools to back off on their efforts to deny Christian students their First Amendment rights. One little boy had been banned from sharing Bible materials with his classmates, while another little girl had had her backpack searched for Bible “contraband.”

2023 CAT CALENDAR: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers produced a pretty awesome calendar to celebrate their achievements. It’s a public project, so you can download and print it for free if you want.

CRT: [8:02] – It’s banned in Georgia, but Project Veritas got an undercover video of a Fulton County teacher bragging about how he’s teaching it anyway and at taxpayers’ expense. CLICK to hear a quick example of how CRT works IRL.

DAVOS: [10:31] – With a heaping dash of humor, Tucker outs the WEF’s horrible evilness. Honestly, listening to Klaus Schwab gives me Hitler-ish shivers.

HAITI: After years of canceled elections, Haiti now has no federal government at all. Its Senate is supposed to have 30 members; the last ten finished their terms recently and left. Its lower legislative chamber should have 119; there are none. And the last president was assassinated in 2021.

In 2021, an earthquake killed 2,000 people and devastated a part of the country that was still damaged from a Category 5 hurricane five years before. Thousands of schools that closed for the pandemic never reopened. Gang violence has displaced more than 150,000 people from their homes and forced aid groups such as Doctors Without Borders to close facilities. And inflation is so bad that about 40% of the population is going hungry.

MARRIAGE: William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary on June 30, 2022. Their is currently the longest active Hollywood marriage. In 1986, the couple each won Emmy Awards on the same night. My personal favorite performance by Daniels was as John Adams in “1776.” My main memories of Bartlett are from her one offs in Stargate-SG1, Firefly, and Touched by an Angel. In the latter, she and Daniels played a long-married couple struggling with a life-threatening medical diagnosis.

NYC: The abortion capital of the U.S. will begin handing out abortion pills free at four clinics in low-income communities. Mayor Adams crowed that this was yet another example of how the Rotten Apple is a “beacon of leadership.”

PATRIARCHY: CLICK and ponder what birth control and abortion have done to women to free them from the “burden” of motherhood. It looks more to me like they have freed men from the responsibilities and joys of fatherhood.

TRANS: CLICK [:30] to hear a trannie claim her “designer bag” is superior to the ones God makes for free. If you’ve got a strong stomach and a lot of curiosity, you can see IRL video of a male getting bottom surgery @

VAXXX: In early 2021, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology accepted an undisclosed amount of money from the US government. Then, with federal $$$ in hand, proceeded to endorse the jab for pregnant women, for whom there was zero evidence for either safety or efficacy.

Clearly, the ACOG and Ob/Gyn community are compromised and putting the maternal-fetal health of women at risk by promoting COVID-19 vaccination. Under no circumstances should a woman of childbearing potential or gravid receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

VFAUXTUS: CLICK [:20] to hear the clip. The only thing that surprises me about all this is how long it took for them to decide that Joe had to go. I expected it to happen in year one.

GRAMMY NOTES: The day before our wedding, I borrowed my father’s car to run errands. I distinctly remember parking the car and walking half a block to the shoe store. When I came back out, the car wasn’t there, but a “No Parking Tow Zone” sign was. The police station was also there (oops) so I went in and asked how to get my car back. They checked and said they hadn’t towed anybody that day. A kindly and ultimately very amused officer offered to drive me around to look for my car, which was in the exact same spot on the street, but a block and a half away from the shoe store. I swear, I have never had ANY memory of walking that block! I thanked the nice cop and went to Pop’s office to return his car. It was maybe 5 minutes away, but he and everyone else in our family owned business knew ALL ABOUT IT before I got there. The curse of living in a small town!


CLICK–Moag and grab a tissue.

CLICK for an intriguing solution to porch piracy. I’m so glad we don’t have that problem where I live!

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  1. I have never had ANY memory of walking that block!

    The extraterrestrials that took you obviously had to wipe part of your memory. Orrr… (checks notes): The day before our wedding your mind was busy with many things. 😀

    In case you didn’t catch this one:
    Man Trying To Steal St. Michael Statue From Catholic Church Impales Himself On Angel’s Sword

    Actually, as I read the article, drunk, he broke in to steal anything, and simply (“incidentally”) stumbled into the statue. He lived.

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