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BORDER: After touring El Paso, Texas, New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams called for the appointment of a “national czar” to manage the immigration crisis at the U.S.–Mexico border. Uhhh … FAUXTUS did that years ago. Said “czar” – VP Kamala Harris – has yet to do even as much as the mayor of New York has done. Namely, go see what’s really going on or lift a finger to fix it. Frankly, I think they want it to continue as long as possible and, for some reason, Adams didn’t get the memo.

CDC: The new Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 makes up 43% of ‘rona cases in the U.S. and 73% in New York City. It appears to infect the vaxxxed more often than the unvaxxxed. Despite this, health authorities are still encouraging Americans to get boosters that carry significant adverse effects risks, provide minimal protection for maybe a few months, and don’t contain the XBB.1.5 variant. All Hail The Science!

COVID-19: November mortality and birth statistics show that Sweden’s excess deaths were 17% below pre-pandemic levels, while in the UK, they’re about 20% above. This may be more evidence that Sweden’s leaders got it right when they refused to lock down and instead pushed through to natural herd immunity.

HUNTER: CLICK to hear proof that Hunter had direct access to the classified documents.

HYPOCRISY: [4:19] – Rebel News reporter David Menzies joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss the latest in a trans teacher in Canada who wears giant prosthetic breasts modeled after pornographic content in class. BTW, I googled and found the giant Z-cup boobies. They cost nearly $600 and weigh a whopping 21.6 pounds!

INJUSTICE: In March of 2020, Danielle Stephanie Warriner, who suffered from COPD, went to her Canadian hospital due, unsurprisingly, to breathing problems. She was admitted and was sitting in a hallway wearing PPE. Guards approached her, demanding she put her mask over her face. She did not comply, presumably because of her breathing problems, so the guards threw all 125 pounds of her against a wall.

Then they put her face down on the floor and held her there with a knee to her back. When she passed out, maybe because she couldn’t breathe, the guards cuffed her and kept her restrained with a knee to her back. When, she actually stopped breathing, they loaded her into a wheelchair and called for doctors. She died. She did not have COVID.

The guards were charged with manslaughter and criminal negligence. But, in a stunning act of injustice, an Ontario judge has tossed the case, claiming the videos, witness statements, and pathologist report stating the guards killed her constituted insufficient evidence.

But it’s okay, cuz, you know, the security guard kinda sorta apologized. After being shown security video showing he’d lied to the police, he said, “I would have never said the things I said in there if I knew there was a video.”

MEDIA: Leana Wen, M.D., recently admitted something we’ve known for three years – i.e., that the United States is overcounting COVID-19 deaths by including people who die with alongside people who die from. A year ago, this was a conspiracy theory that would get you censored; now a prominent leftie physician is saying it out loud via major leftie media. What’s going on?

SCOTUS: A year after the Dobbs leak, the Supreme Court has given up trying to find out who did it.

STOP THE JAB: The current mRNA bivalent boosters contain code for the ancestral Wuhan strain, which has been extinct for about two years, plus the previously dominant BA4/BA5 variants which nowadays account for only 2.6% of cases. The boosters don’t have anything for the new and now dominant BQ and XBB variants. In addition, the vast majority of Americans have had the ‘rona at least once. Since each subsequent infection is milder, the risks from infection are minimal, while the risks of the boosters remain high and the benefits approach zero.

VAXXX: Another study shows the relative effectiveness of the boosters is pitiful. After the first Pfizer or Moderna booster, protection against symptomatic infection was boosted to 64% for seven to 30 days, but then dropped quickly to 33%, then dropped again to 8.8% at 150-190 days after the jab.

The second booster only managed to initially increase protection by 39%, hit zero after 120 days, then hit negative 32.6%! IOW, people who accepted the second booster not only risked suffering a serious adverse reaction, but also ended up with a higher likelihood of catching the COVID.

GRAMMY NOTES: Losing time is one of the frustrating characteristics of being a multiple person. One of my alters went to sleep in 1982 and didn’t wake up again until 1996. Her baby was about to graduate from high school, she had two kids she didn’t recognize; we had moved so she didn’t know her address or phone number, and people who had been close were no longer in her life. Also, the weather was all wrong. Her last memory was from mid-November, but when she woke up, the spring bulbs were poking up through the snow! She needed a lot of therapy to process it all.


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