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ATLANTA: CLICK [:43] to hear a CNN jerknalist tell us how he feels about the way the riots are being depicted. Cuz, yeah, we totes tune in to news casts to hear about your feelz.

CLICK [:32] to see protesters throwing bricks.

DAVOS: The elitists at the WEF want at least one billion people to stop eating meat in order to save the climate. On Monday, the elitist of the CEOs, billionaires and government officials took a funicular up the mountain to the Hotel Schatzalp where they enjoyed a private luncheon of salmon and beef.

EXCESS DEATHS: [14:15] – In 2022, 4.5% more Brits died than in 2019. The worse part is that it was only 2.5% higher for ages 75-84, but 7.8% higher for ages 20-44.

FAUXTUS: CLICK for a supercut of his lies. I’m thinking that when he says “no joke” or “that’s a fact”, it’s 99.999% sure he is lying.

JORDAN PETERSON: [3:00] – CLICK to hear why cohabiting is not a trial marriage. CLICK to hear why the history of humanity is not about how men oppressed women.

MONTEREY PARK: On Saturday night, a gunman opened fire in this Los Angeles park where tens of thousands of Asian-American families were gathered to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Ten people were killed and at least ten others injured.

CLICK [:37] to hear the police announce at 11:51 a.m. that witnesses said the shooter was an Asian male who fled the scene. At 11:25, the Chairman of the Los Angeles Chinese Chamber of Commerce speculated that the shooting was a domestic issue, not a hate crime.

NEW ZEALAND: [2:26] – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced she will be resigning on Feb. 7, ten months before her term ends. She claimed to be burnt out and also wants to be there to see her 4 yo start school and maybe get a round to marrying the baby daddy.

PFIZER: CLICK [6:03] to hear the CEO refuse to answer any questions.

PSA: I’m definitely giving this one a miss.

GRAMMY NOTES: In science this week, the Mascots learned about potential energy. In the video, we see a demonstration of how the potential energy stored in an upright domino can topple a domino larger than itself.


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  1. Funicular – I larned a new werd today. Now I understand the song.

    ” Funiculì, Funiculà ” ( IPA: [funikuˈli funikuˈla], English: “Funicular Up, Funicular Down”) is a Neapolitan song composed in 1880 by Luigi Denza to lyrics by Peppino Turco. It was written to commemorate the opening of the first funicular railway on Mount Vesuvius. It was presented by Turco and Denza at the Piedigrotta festival the same year.

    One rendition:

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