Pray for the Souls in Purgatory

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In 2010 I was a liturgical pianist for a Catholic church. One Saturday I had to play for the funeral of a woman who I was told was murdered by her boyfriend. The next day, Sunday, I entered the church break room to have coffee before mass. I heard a sorrowful moaning sound to my left. I instantly got the impression of a woman holding her head in pain. The moan occurred again when a group of us were in the break room. Everyone froze. The next Wednesday at choir practice I was alone in the ladies room when the automatic towel dispenser kept activating by itself. That following Saturday I was in the music room getting music, and consistent banging on the metal cabinets started to occur. I then realized that it must be this woman who I had played her funeral for. I immediately went to the Pastor and told him all. He was not surprised- he told me that she had been suddenly shot in the head and died instantly. He said masses and prayers for her soul – and I never heard from her again.”

My mother died Feb 11 2002. Before she died, I had made a mental promise to offer a 9 day Novena to the Miraculous Medal for her. Family came pouring in, and I had forgotten about it. At her funeral, a pebble seemed to drop out of the ceiling at my feet while I was talking to her best friend. After 4 weeks off from work to care for her with hospice at home, I had to go back to work. On the night before I was to work, at 3am, I was awoken by my mother’s voice calling my name. At the sound of her voice, I immediately realized she was young again – about 30 yrs old. But I heard a harsh growling in the background. Sounded like a demon. Her voice was gentle but urgent. After a while I had to go back to sleep. When I was walking out the front door I saw a very shiny Miraculous Medal lying in the doorstep, right in front of me! I instantly remembered my promise to her. So I made that Novena, I never heard from her again.

My mother passed away at the age of 86 about 13 years ago sometime in 2022 I started seeing her face show up in a picture which is not of her that is hanging in my bedroom wall. I have seen her face there for at least five or six months. She’s not bathed in light. She doesn’t look like she’s super happy; she looks like she’s suffering somewhat. I’m getting the impression that she’s in purgatory and needs prayer. This has never happened in my life so I am starting to offer masses for her and increasing my prayers for her.

On Christmas Eve morning, I woke up filled with anxiety and a prayer came to me (not from me) …if any of the Holy Souls have benefited from me praying the St Gertrude prayer please pray for me now. The response was immediate…a white tube of light started at the top of my head and traveled down the length of my body and relieved my anxiety as it passed by. I learned that as we pray for the Holy Souls can pray and help us as well. All Glory to God!

A good man I’d known quite well visit me about 5 years after his death. It seemed to me that he was not in torment, just in a gray, blah place of nothing much. I understood that he had been stuck there, between death and eternal LIFE. I told him, ‘You have to accept Jesus as your Savior before you can move on.’ He said, ‘Why?’ He and I had once had a deep conversation during which I learned that truth was the most important thing to him. So I just said, ‘Because it’s true.’ He nodded and I stopped seeing him.

My father came to me about a year after his death. I wasn’t thinking about him at all. In fact, I was in bed reading a novel when I became aware of him standing with a companion at the end of the bed. He said, ‘I just wanted to let you know I’m okay now.’ Then they both left. That’s all he said, but I understood him to mean that he was done with Purgatory and headed toward Heaven.

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