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CHICOMS: I was gonna ask why the spy balloon(s) haven’t been shot down yet … but then I remembered who is in the White House.

DOCS: CLICK [3:23] to hear Jesse Waters report on how Joe was allowed to visit his home before it was searched for classified documents.

MASKS: The highly regarded Cochrane Library has just published a meta-analysis of 78 randomized controlled trials regarding the effectiveness of physical interventions in reducing the spread of respiratory viruses. The Slime Stream Media has ignored it, probably because it shows the absurdity of mandating universal face masking.

While immunocompromised or medically vulnerable individuals may benefit personally from wearing masks during cold and flu season, there is no evidence that forcing everyone to do so has any impact at all. In addition, a very large study of healthcare workers providing direct care to COVID-19 patients showed little difference between surgical masks and N95 masks.

PROJECT VERITAS: [9:59] – PV has now released its third video on the CRT scam “Teaching Lab” that used non-profit grant money to develop a for profit curriculum, written by sales people who have no teaching experience and who hate kids, that is designed to covertly teach CRT in states that have banned it. The previous two are embedded at the links below.

TRANS: Score another one for the patriarchy! CLICK [1:07] to hear Riley Gaines, a swimmer at the University of Kentucky, reveal how the NCAA told female college athletes to get counseling.


CLICK for more R*CKST*R.

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