Another BS Vaxxx Conclusion

On Feb. 1, the British Medical Journal published a study of myocarditis cases in jabbed people (>12 yo) in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. This study is corrupted by so much “noisy” data that I am inclined to assume the BMJ published it primarily to appease the Global Elites and their Big Pharma donors.

The study looked at new onset myocarditis hospital admissions in (a) patients who had been jabbed (530) vs. (b) patients who had had COVID-19 (109). The study also looked at the second hospitalizations and/or deaths of these people 90 days after they were released from hospital following their primary diagnosis. In the first cohort, five times as many patients were jabbed vs. post-infected; at the 90 day mark, seven times as many of the jabbed vs. post-infected had been readmitted, but only one-and-a-half times as many of the jabbed had died.

True to form, the researchers noted that people should be reassured about the benefits of the vaxxx, because, according to their statistical model, the chances of dying of heart failure after the virus is higher than it is after the jab. So we should totes keep injecting this crap into people. Or something.

Please note that the researchers had no access to personal data, such as MRIs, that would have given insight into the severity of each myocarditis case. They also didn’t look at anything but hospital admissions, diagnoses, and death records. IOW, there is no information about long-term damage to quality of life for the two groups or about deaths that occurred after the 90 day follow up periods.

In addition, I found no indication that researchers paid any attention to what variant of the ‘rona the infected had experienced. These countries had something like 80% vaxxx acceptance. Since they were telling everybody that natural immunity was useless, a lot of people who had had the virus also got jabbed; I found no evidence that they separated these people out. All in all, it seems likely to me that the virus-only myocarditis patients had the original Wuhan, which was the most dangerous strain and which is now extinct but still included in the vaxxx!

UPDATE: Igor Chudov published the same conclusions 2/6 @

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