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BORDER: One of the great evils Biden’s open borders has created is exploitation of the unaccompanied minors who have been coming into this country in record numbers. Investigative reporters found these kids working for scumbag employers in every state, including such supposedly caring, left-wing, woke companies as Target, Ben & Jerry’s, and Whole Foods. Let me just ponder the likelihood that these kids get union wages, working hours and breaks, or benefits like health care and vacation days. Mmmmmmmmmm … I’m guessing zero.

CLIMATE COMMUNISM: CLICK to hear a global elitist tell us, 30 years ago, what their agenda was and is. Under the guise of “saving the planet”, they want to eliminate private property and herd us into densely populated cities where we are easier to control.

COVID-19: [14:49] – I reported on this study on Thursday. Dr. Campbell goes into it in greater detail and makes some pithy comments that no doubt barely skirt YouTube’s so-called Terms of Service regarding COVID “misinformation.”

EL SALVADOR: Some 63,000 presumed gang members have been rounded up since President Nayib Bukele declared a state of emergency months ago in the violence-plagued country. As part of his solution, gang members will be housed in a new maximum security facility. The photo above shows the first 2,000 inmates being moved in.

The facility consists of eight buildings made of reinforced concrete. Each of the buildings has 32 cells about 1,075 square feet in size and intended to hold more than 100 inmates. Each cell has only two sinks and two toilets. Prisoners will be kept in their cells 24/7, with only 4 out of 5 getting a bunk and zero getting a mattress. Prisoners may leave their cells only for legal hearings by video conference or to be moved to a windowless and unlit isolation cell for punishment.

While the prison is equipped with dining halls, exercise rooms, and table tennis tables, they are exclusively for guards’ use.

LAB LEAK: Not that long ago the mere mention of the possibility that the ‘rona might have been produced in and leaked from a Chinese lab would get you canceled for spreading misinformation. Now, the U.S. Energy Department says that’s probably what happened.

MEDIA: CLICK for irrefutable evidence that the Slime Stream Media is working for the Wrongs.

NATTOKINASE: Are you concerned that you may have spike protein circulating in your body, either from a bout of the ‘rona, from the vaxxx, or from receiving blood from a vaxxxed donor? If yes, you will want to know about the studies linked below which suggest that nattokinase may help remove it.

Nattokinase can be purchased as a supplement or consumed in natto, a traditional Japanese food long known for its health benefits. If you are considering trying it, please read the information at Very Well Health link below, particularly if you take blood pressure medication or blood thinners.

OHIO: CLICK [:36] to see FAUXTUS smirk and dodge a reporter’s question about whether he’ll visit East Palestine. CLICK [:59] to hear him say the same thing on the South Lawn.

Bonchie at Red State points out that Joe’s brag about the EPA showing up within 2 hours is problematic, since it was apparently their decision to “set the chloride on fire, causing a massive explosion and mushroom cloud that descended on the residents there and contaminated water for somewhere around a 5-10 mile radius. …

How easy would it have been to just show up on the ground early on in East Palestine, especially given Biden has made trips for lesser issues? There would have been no downside. That leaves Occam’s razor in play, and it says that the mayor is right. The president just doesn’t care about rural Ohio, and this ABC News interview is proof enough of that.

TRANQ: Xylazine (aka, tranq, tranq dope, zombie drug) has spread into major cities across the country. Apparently, this is what’s responsible for the videos I’ve seen lately of druggies acting like zombies. It also reportedly can rot users’ flesh off their bones. The drug is approved for veterinary use, but is not safe for humans. And for those who OD, the usual treatment of naloxone (aka, Narcan) doesn’t work.

TRANS: A once-devoted case manager at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is blowing the whistle. One of her jobs was to do intake for new patients and their families. When she started there in 2018, there were probably 10 such calls a month. When she left in 2022, there there were 50 and about 70% of them were girls, most with many comorbidities such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, obesity, and/or autism.

To begin transitioning, the girls needed a letter of support from a therapist—usually one we recommended—who they had to see only once or twice for the green light. To make it more efficient for the therapists, we offered them a template for how to write a letter in support of transition. The next stop was a single visit to the endocrinologist for a testosterone prescription.

GRAMMY NOTES: Two of my granddaughters go to a wonderful school where the recent fund-raiser was “Acts of Kindness.” My daughter sent photos of them doing some of the acts they chose … picking up trash in their neighborhood, making lasagna for a family whose mom was sick, and putting an elderly neighbor’s trash can out and putting it away after pickup. On the day this image was photographed, they were chalking “Welcome Home!” messages on the driveway of a neighbor who was coming home from the hospital. ❤


CLICK for more R*CKST*R. “This is why you still single, bro!” LOLOLOL!!

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