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BALLOON: CLICK for some laffs.

EXORCIST FILES: The next episode is up. Don’t miss it! CLICK and choose your podcast vendor. You’ll hear about the spiritual power of holy relics and where the legends of werewolves came from. Also, Msgr. Rossetti has a new entry in his diary @ that talks about the power of angels.

FERTILITY: I’m thinking the Global Elitists who want to drastically reduce the Earth’s human population are clinking their champagne glasses at the news that 78% of women report menstrual changes such as clotting and bleeding after getting the ‘rona jab. It is likely the vaxxx alters their reproductive cycle in a way that would inhibit conception and implantation for several cycles after the jab, if not longer. And they’re recommending the boosters be repeated every six months.

RAAACISM: Thy name is Media – You know how much the Wrongs lurve to play up stories of mass shootings, especially when any of the victims are children. One guess why they’re ignoring the Feb. 17 shooting in Columbus, Georgia, in which nine juveniles – seven boys ages 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 15, and 17, and two 13-year-old girls – were sprayed with bullets by a 35-year-old gang member (photo above) and an unnamed 15-year-old accomplice. Thank God none of the children died.

TRANS: A new study presented at the American College of Cardiology conference showed that people who have ever used cross-sex hormones to “treat” their alleged “gender dysphoria” suffer serious, life-threatening complications at an exponentially higher rate than people who have never used cross-sex hormones.

  • Their risk of stroke is nearly seven times as high.
  • Their risk of heart attack is nearly six times as high.
  • Their risk of pulmonary embolism is nearly five times as high.

These findings apply to both males taking estrogen and to females taking testosterone. N.b., I put “treat” and “gender dysphoria” in italics to highlight the FACT that a huge number of these kids are misdiagnosed.

VAXXX: A leaked CDC document shows that the vaxxxed and bivalent boostered are 44% less likely to need hospitalization for the COVID-19than the unvaxxxed.

But the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Report that was published February 10, 2023 claimed this same cohort is 14 times less likely to die.

How is it possible for both of these things to be true? And how good are these numbers anyway, given that the counts of the unvaxxxed are certainly lower (possibly significantly so) than reality?

Dearest and I are unjabbed and have never caught the ‘rona, much less needed hospitalization for it; as far as statistics are concerned, we’re invisible. Plus, despite the fact that I see my doctor every 2 months for chronic health problems, I was only just this month asked if I wanted to have my vaccination status entered in the data base. IOW, they haven’t actually been trying to track the unjabbed in any real way until now. And even going forward, the numbers will still be skewed, because people like me will check the “Hell No” … I mean “DECLINE” box, because we don’t care to be tracked by a hostile government.

And then there are all the unknown numbers of unjabbed who simply don’t see a doctor at all. Unless one of them gets sick enough to need hospitalization, they have been and will continue to be invisible to the statistics. And, just a guess, but isn’t it likely that, among the unjabbed, the no-health-care cohort are more likely to end up needing hospitalization than the health-care cohort? Granted, some of them are just ridiculously hale, but that a lot of them are malnourished and/or suffering from undiagnosed comorbidities.

Meanwhile, the jabbed have had their injections recorded in some data base or other from Day One. And if they have a regular physician and get asked about being included in their area’s data base, they are also a lot more likely to check the AGREE box.

GRAMMY NOTES: I remember my dad telling my brother, “I liked you better when you thought I knew everything.”

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