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CINO: As part of her five-day trip to Namibia and Kenya last week, Biden participated in multiple events where she promoted the “empowerment of women and youth”, sexual and reproductive health and rights,” and “safe dating and safe sex.

DRAG QUEEN STORY HOUR: “‘Queer joy is for all ages’ [seems] to expose their motives. They’re saying the quiet part out loud. The hard left and their MSM will label the protestors as ‘far right’ but since when has protecting children been an issue reserved for the far right?” – Anglican Reverend Calvin Robinson

CLICK [2:31] to hear his full statement during a television appearance.

In Arkansas, Gov. Sanders added drag shows to a list of adult-only venues. No minors allowed.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:12] to hear what our liberal white “leader” said to a black audience.

FLORIDA: Florida Gov. DeSantis has signed a bill ending Disney’s special designation as a self-governing district. The new legislation means Disney will no longer have governmental powers, including the right to tax, to avoid state building and fire codes, to avoid state regulatory reviews and approvals, to issue tax-exempt bonds, and to operate its own utility and emergency services within its 25,000 acres that straddle Orange and Osceola counties. However, Disney will remain exempt from property taxes, a detail that has irked some.

GEORGIA: Last year, a mom attended a Forsyth County School District (FSC) school board meeting, where she objected to a book in her son’s middle school library. She began to read a passage describing oral sex, but was interrupted and blocked from speaking further. She tried again the following month, at which point the FSC banned her from future school board meetings. The moms enlisted the help of the Institute for Free Speech (IFS) to represent them in a lawsuit and won.

The district is forbidden from preventing any “current or future FCS speakers entitled to speak at an FCS school board meeting, from reading or quoting verbatim from the text of any book or written works available in an FCS library or classroom, while addressing the school board during the public-comment period at school board meetings.” AND the FSC has to pay $107,500 to cover the moms’ legal fees.

Elsewhere in Georgia, Jacob Kersey was forced out of his police department position over a personal Facebook post defending traditional marriage. He is now working with the nonprofit religious liberty law firm, First Liberty Institute, in an effort to ensure that what happened to him “doesn’t happen to another police officer at Port Wentworth, or any other city in Georgia, or anywhere else in the nation.”

LAB LEAK: [3:02] – This is what I’ve been saying for years. The ‘rona was designed as a bioweapon, but it leaked out into the Chinese community by accident. Meanwhile, the ChiComs’ draconian lockdown and vaxxx efforts have utterly failed; another wave of the ‘rona is hitting in Shanghai and Hangzhou. The government is reportedly doubling down on its “zero COVID” policy and considering more lockdowns.

I can’t avoid seeing the demon-induced stupidity that Father Ripperger talks about here. The ChiComs never intended for the virus to get loose in their own country (hellooooo … that’s why bioweapons are banned). Now that they’re stuck with it, they are totally ignoring the utter global failure of lockdowns and vaxxxing, the impossibility of eliminating an endemic virus that can harbor in multiple animal populations, and the obvious superiority of going for early treatment to achieve herd immunity.

In other news, after the Department of Energy (DOE) announced that the lab leak theory was the most likely, unfunny late night host Stephen Colbert told the DOE to “stay in your lane.” Why are the Wrongs still so committed to defending China?

LIFE: Pro-life OB/GYNs were banned from exhibiting at a national conference aimed at educating the next generation of OB/GYNs. They’ve exhibited at this conference for the last 15 years and booked a spot a year ago only to be told at the last minute that they can’t come. Ironically, the theme of this year’s conference is “Building Bridges.”

SATAN CLUB: The Satanic Temple is busy establishing After School Satan Clubs in schools across the country. In one district, the backlash was so severe, the superintendent revoked the district’s approval for the club to meet on school property.

TRANS: CLICK [1:25] to hear America’s first trans kid admit that all of the hormones and all of the surgeries did not make him happy. Holly Ash at Not the Bee says, “His family has pushed for his trans identity and been totally accepting all the way, and none of it mattered.” Also, note the weight gain. It looks to me like Jazz has turned to food for comfort. I pray the Lord will find His way into this poor boy’s heart and help him find peace.

VAXXX: Dr. Peter McCullough reports on a recent study showing that a substance called APSNJ dissolved the ‘rona spike protein, even at low concentrations and within minutes. It is believed to be viable for intravenous drug development, which would be a Godsend to the vaxxxed and scared.

WOMEN’S SPORTS: The trans movement in sports is an all-out assault on female athletics.

A Christian school team recently dropped out of the state tourney when they learned one of teams they would have to play had an mtf on it. A school spokesperson said, “We believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players. Allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a bad precedent for the future of women’s sports in general.

Last fall, a middle school girls soccer coach was suspended after he reportedly “misgendered” a trans student. That same month, administrators at the same school banned members of the girls volleyball team for objecting to sharing the locker room with a biological male student.


CLICK and grab a tissue.

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