Day Two of the J6 Tapes

J6: [9:08] – Part two of the J6 surveillance tapes reveal.

EPPS: The clip proving that Epps lied to the J6 Committee is posted @ [1:15].

SCHUMER: Chuckie’s steaming pile of donkey doo is posted as a separate clip @ [2:14].

SICKNICK: The surveillance footage of Brian Sicknick walking around, looking hale and hearty after he was supposedly “murdered” by MAGA extremists, is posted as a short clip @ [:59].

The New York Times initially reported that Sicknick had been beaten to death with a fire extinguisher, a claim that was retracted more than a month later when his autopsy report came out. Multiple media reported on the results of the autopsy, which was ruled a death due to “natural causes.”

Sicknick’s brother reported that Brian had texted him after the protest saying he’d taken some pepper spray to the face but was feeling fine. Sometime later, at about 10 p.m., Brian Sicknick suddenly collapsed and was taken to the hospital where he died about 24 hours later.

His autopsy showed he had suffered two “acute brainstem and cerebellar infarcts” (i.e., strokes) caused by “acute basilar artery thrombosis” (i.e., blood clots to the major artery feeding blood to the back of the brain). The coroner ruled his death due to “natural causes.” If his death had been hastened by any injury whatsoever, it would not have been ruled “natural.

IOW, Sicknick’s brain was a walking time bomb that happened to go off not long after the J6 events.

Nevertheless, Dems and media talking heads continue to gleefully dance on his grave, referring to Sicknick as a victim of a “deadly insurrection.


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    • Chrissy

      Thank you! I’ve had a rough couple of weeks battling a massive fungal infection in my lungs. Meds are working and I’m breathing fine, but I have a nasty-sounding cough and a touch of laryngitis. Also, since I passed out last week and slammed my silly head on the toilet, my left eye is swollen and colorful. I look and sound like death warmed over, but I’m under my doctor’s care, definitely over the worst of it and on the mend. ❤

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