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COVID-19: This interview with Dr. Sabine Hazan, an expert in gut bacteria, is absolutely worth your time. CLICK [1:06:30]. Most of the interview is about COVID, but at one point she mentions that only three of the 28 food products she tested actually contained any of the bifidobacterium on the label. As a result, I have renewed my subscription to Consumer Labs and will be passing on whatever good info I find about specific products that CL has tested so we can all make more informed choices. You can get a 2-month trial subscription to The Epoch Times for $1 @

EDUCATION: A hundred years ago, the Wrongs set out to destroy America by infiltrating the colleges that taught future journalists and teachers. They are now enjoying the fruits of their labors.

FOLLOW THE MONEY, HONEY: The article about the success of Tenofovir (graphic, link below) appeared in the spring of 2021. It was treated the same as all the positive reports about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Big Pharma and government “health” agencies colluded with Big Media to slander these drugs as “horse dewormer” and the like, while doctors with decades of experience were fired and/or had their licenses revoked for prescribing them!

Meanwhile, hospitals were literally forcing the very expensive, ineffective, kidney-toxic drug Remdesavir on unwilling patients. These hospitals even went so far as to ignore court orders to switch patients to the cheaper, safer, and more effective drugs and refuse to allow patients to be transferred to another facility that would provide the desired treatment. Why? Because they got big cash bonuses for using the expensive drug.

CLICK [3:24] to hear how deadly Remdesavir is and that the big wigs who forced it on COVID patients knew all about it.

IOWA: Gov. Reynolds has signed two child protection bills into law. One forbids doctors in Iowa from prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or gender change surgeries to anyone younger than 18. The other forbids schools from allowing individuals to use a bathroom or changing area that does not match their biological sex.

IRONY OVERLOAD: [3:54] – A group of Black trannies bitch about cultural appropriation? Seriously?!

MODERNA: CLICK [5:29] to hear the weaselly CEO of Moderna lie or refuse to answer Dr. Rand Paul’s questions.

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